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Labor Day morning we decided to do some bluegill fishing. Left home around 10:10, stopped at Wal-Mart for bait. The store only had baby night crawlers, no wax worms as I had hoped. We checked out one lake, but it was already filled up with people.

We then went to the second lake and were surprised for no one else was there! We got our linens in the water around 11:00 and my wife caught 4 bluegills by 11:40. I had a bluegill on e the line, but it got into the weeds and my line broke trying to pull it out!

After I retied my rig; I took one of the bluegills my wife caught for catfish bait. I cast the bait as a dead line setup. I finally landed my first bluegill at 12:25 on my light rod. Then things slowed down as far as catching fish; for the bites were not as often. When I went back to check the catfish rig the bluegill was all chewed up by turtles! I used 2 baby night crawlers the next time I cast out that rod.

The fish started biting for me around 14:45, my wife was getting bites but they were cleaning the bait off the hook. I was getting hotter so we finally called it a day and packed up our thing to head home. The total of fish was 8 bluegills for my wife and 20 for me. I was a great day to be outdoors and getting some fresh air. Next time I do want to have some wax worms to up the odds for more action.
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