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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by tubuzz2, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. tubuzz2

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    When I take my lab to the lake to play he start coughing when he in the water is this normal? I was told that they get water down their throats which cause the cought and he will learn to stop that. Is this true?
  2. BlueDun

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    They often make a gagging sound when they swim - this is normal. They move their throat in a way to keep water out and sometimes you can hear them when they do it. If he is actually coughing, he might not have figured out what to do, but he will with experience.

  3. CoolWater

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    My lab does the same thing - gets excited and drinks too much too fast and starts coughing it up. Also when swimming around does do that wheezing coughing sound at times. I wouldn't worry about it, I think it's typical
  4. Zfish

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    My yellow lab only does it when he drinks too much water too fast. Never does it when he swims though
  5. bmffishing247

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    I have a 11 month old lab that weights in at 90 pounds ( dog is not over weight infact the vet said he needs to eat more BIG DOG)great dog very excited and loves to play. I have introduced him to water with a baby pool and he goes in and splashes around my next step will be to take him to the lake and leave him hooked up to a lead line and let him walk and wade out in the water. My Question is how did you introduce your lab to a big body of water. I want to take him fishing with me but i want to make sure he is a good swimmer first.

  6. BlueDun

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    I've been trying to remember when mine make that sound, so just wanted to add to my previous post: I think they more likely to make that sound when they are getting tired. (At least mine do.) Labs can't monitor their behavior. Just like with their food intake (they don't know when they've had enough food), they also do not know when they have had too much activity. When your lab makes that sound while swimming, make him rest for a few minutes and see if he does it when he goes back in the water. Or, he might be excitable and make that sound until he calms down.
  7. tubuzz2

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    Hey Blue that is what I do. I make him take a breather.
    I took my Max down to a beach and let him walk around, then I wade in on the next trip. At the same time I started him retrieving things. After he got it down I just put the two together. I find a nice big stick and let him chew on it and then tossed it out there. He like to play under the water too, he will dive down for rock off the bottom totally under water. That scared me at first but he likes it. Next time I go I will take a few pix's the best part he is only 13 weeks old. He know basic comands and will retrieve so I think I am doing okay with him, but this is my first dog.
  8. boy that is soooo true about them not controlling their food or activity....the older labs need to be told to take a rest....or they will just keep fetching, swimming etc....

  9. littleking

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    my britt does the same thing
  10. crankus_maximus

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    Introducing dogs to water is relatively easy. You dont need to show them what to do. Take them where other dogs are swimming and let him watch a while and then turn him loose. Some dogs are hesitant to go in water they have never been in/around before. If this is the case take them some place shallow and let them wade in or you wade in with them.

    The easiest way I have found is to throw something right at the dge of the water and progressively go farther and farther out. Soon you will be keeping them out of the water because theyw ant to be jumping in it so much....

    My two can't run by water when it is warm without going for a dip or 10.