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  1. Hi guys, I normally don't post here because I live in Central Ohio, but I was hoping to maybe get a little advise. I am taking my wife to La Sue An thursday, and Lavere on friday. I'm going for sole purpose of trying to get her that elusive fish ohio gill. I would really appreciate any advise you can give that would narrow down my search. Please feel free to shoot me an PM if it is something you don't want to share with others. Have no fear I won't be keeping any fish so any that you put me on will still be there when I leave. We are very fortunate to live next to Alum an Delaware so fresh crappie, and gills fillets are no problem, the only bad thing is they only grow to about 8 inches. Thanks in advance! If any of you ever venture up here shoot me a PM and I'll give you the report.

  2. I have only been fishing there once, but hunted there alot. The guys tell me when you go out there is a point on the right that is pretty good. When I was there it was 32 degrees out and high winds with freezing rain. It was hell in a boat but we made even though we did not catch any. There was one other boat they caught 20 on a 30 limit. You are only allowed to keep 5 over 8". They were using fuzzy jigs tipped with was worms. That is what I have hear usually works the best. In ther farm ponds the gills have been spawning for over a week so I would do some research to see what is best in spawn and post spawn periods. I am not much of a bluegill fisherman. I know you can NOT use any minnows alive or preserved on that lake and the limit changes frequently. Hope this helps...
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    I fished La Su An on father's day morning. Got 5 largemouth (smallish) from the shoreline at the dike, off of the rocks. It took me about an hour and a half to land the 5. Tried some other spots around the lake but came up empty. I was using mister twister (yellow & white). Later in the day, went down to the DNR sites about 15 minutes south and was shut out.

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    Did good caught lotsa bass too
    4 from limit-if we would have not been in a rush and kept some borderline fish would of had limit...
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    Nice Fish Ohio!
  7. My son and I went today! We brought home 15 gills. We could have limited, but threw some back. I caught two 9.25in red ears. We caught 25-30 bass. My son had the biggest around 15in. Water was fairly clear, but nothing like it was 3weeks ago. Most fish were caught on Rapala originals. We did catch some bass with rubber worms. And a few on live worms.

    All and all a decent day! Even if we didn't catch anything it would be a good day. Just spending the day with Bubba makes it great!

    All the pics are of bubba holding the 2 big gills.

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    Nice Fish N Pics
    You said you caught the gills on rapalas?