La"do"! Spring BASS OPEN Sun 4/6 ~ Series 4/13

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  1. The eighth season approaches our cult following of The (electric motors only)LaDue Reservoir Bass Series.

    If you're just getting into bass fishn' it's an awesome place to start!

    Low entry of $60 team, all you need is a desire, livewell (cooler!) and a 12 ftr!!! We'll help you with the rest!

    We offer a Spring OPEN event that allows prospective anglers to check things out first. No membership is required for the open.

    The bite is usually tough at this event often making for one or two bites to make a's anyone's game!!!

    The 2008 Qualifying season will then start on April 13th with the first qualifier of six for the season.

    GUARANTEED CHAMPIONSHIP of nearly $4000 purse- $1000 to first! Payout regardless of field size !!!! If you fish all six qualifiers you automatically are entered!!!!

    Checkout the entire pic and story history online- amazing weights!!!

    Historically the CAPPED field is met by the first event- your team membership for 2008 solidifys your team for the year (see rule #4)

    Lookn' forward to 08'!!!!

  2. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    Looking forward to 08' as well...

    34 Days 8 hours and 25 minutes 35 seconds till GO TIME!

    The lil Misfits' makeover is almost complete, new boat for Mother this year, can't wait to get her floatin!

  3. Reel Man

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    This is going to be my first year on Ladue. The Fall Open was awesome. I'm looking forward to fishing with Parma Bass this year too. Look out Reel Boy, you know I'd rather lose a toe then lose to you.
  4. ParmaBass

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    You're not going to lose any toes this year!!
  5. I workin' odds on the two...side pot action!!! :)

    Here is something neat- the slow progression. This is the best part of lado fishn'- seeing what I can make and how cheap I can get it!!! I'm horse tradin' on these pieces parts!!!

  6. ParmaBass

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    I should of taken some pics, I'm doing somthing real similar. How many horses did you need to get the Optima batteries? Good idea with the pool noodles, I might have to something like that before I nail down everything.
  7. Pool noodles :D - 12ft jons with a treated wood top cap- creative wiring schemes...

    I love NE Ohio!!!!

    Hope to see many OGF'rs at this $60 event 4/6- no membership required!!!

    I'd rather be fishn' out of the riggd' aluminums than big glass. You really become "one" with the machine.

  8. Amazing how time flies..a true iceout open as well!!!
  9. Low's 60's and sun...come on, say it aint so!!!

    Looking forward to seeing all 4/6/08 Boathouse ramp- RAMP PAYS ACCEPTED- no membership required!!!