La"do" Q#5 ~ Big Sack!

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  1. Strange field weights- you either got 'em...or you got one!

    Maloney and Nolan with a 6.1 kicker took home $670 from a $60 entry on 30 teams with a near 19lb bag!!!

    Photo results are posted :

    Stats are up for the number crunchers with one point event left Aug 23rd.

  2. Do you know what setups were the better producers?

  3. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    We only slipped to 8th after the SKUNK!!! Caught a bunch of 13 7/8" fish, and lost a pig after she put on a jumping show on for us :( very frustrating day!!

    Peple.....C-rig seemed to be the top producer today in anywhere from 5-15fow on humps/points.
  4. peple-

    The winners gave explicit details about their winning way. It was a very unique pattern and unusual presentation that I'm sure will soon be catching on. They were actually very revealing about specifics right down to the lure/color/size/line and method of presentation- which was key.

    Every dobass event the winning ways are given the chance to be presented by top teams. Its up to them what they share. Checkout the weigh-in and you'd be surprised. But for me to post it on a public forum wouldn't be fair to the group who sticks around, or the folks willing to discuss.

    Next event Aug 23rd- stop out to the weigh-in and get an earfull!!!