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L&D Tackle Steelhead Tournament

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by saintmathew, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Is anyone fishing this?

  2. Is the river actually fishable tomorrow? I was thinking about heading there tomorrow afternoon to fish but after the rain I would figure it would be saturday or sunday to fish.

  3. I remember when I was a teenager hearing Pete say that anyone who kept a steelhead out of the rock should be Those were the days before the serious stocking began. Seriously though, as someone who fished the river regularly, those tournaments make me sick!! Does anyone see the value in not killing the trout?? The more fish that make it, the more that return bigger and fiestier than the year before. There is no value in keeping those fish, they don't taste good and they are full of Mercury. Nothing worse than a crowded river full of guys killing fish that could have returned as bigger better fish in the years to come. it spoils the day, and it spoils the fishery. It would be great to see more anglers out there have respect for thge wonderful fishery that they have.
  4. Allspecies,

    I very much do see your point in every angler fishing out the Steelhead run keeping every fish they catch. I see guys do this every weekend, no matter what river or trib I end up fishing at that weekend or weekday. It does make me very sick as well, so I hope you would not look down on or people like me who make every effort to preserve the species and respect the sport.

    Pete is a member of the O.C.B.S I guess. I don't know if he stands for what we do, but I know that any fish caught for his tournament must be 26" and over. We highly encourage "catch and release". I don't entirely feel Pete's tourney's are wrong, but I don't know. What do you all think?

    Steelhead can be good eating fish if you know how to cook or smoke them. I have cooked the meat in many recipes and it has come out perfect everytime. I have a wonderful recipe for smoking them as well. Besides all this, I have only kept 3 fish since 2001 and that is the honest truth. I am planning on smoking the meat I get tommorow, vaccuum packing it and giving it to people at my church who are in need of food.

    I know that I am not a butcher and I don't want to be treated this way. There are those who are and they need to be dealt with to preserve the sport. Thank you for your response, but be careful about judging those who truly respect and are doing everything to preserve Steelheading.

  5. I'm sure you realize that a majority of those who fish the river are not nearly as ethical as you. I just think (and witness) enough guys out there keeping their catch on a daily basis, that we are at risk of seriously threatening the fishery. with the continued decline in this states economy, I also worry about further cuts to the DNR which will eventually threaten the stocking program. While you may not kill many fish, I have seen the slaughter that results from Petes tournaments in the past, and that combined with the daily harvest seriously impacts that amount of fish that return, and therefore the average size, or at least potentail for trophy size fish. I just wish that there was more respect for the fishery in general, and tournaments serve no purpose in that, no matter how you slice it.
  6. St. Mathew,

    I agree with much of Allspecies had to say. I to am a member of O.C.B.S. and participated in their tournaments in the past. The O.C.B.S. are set-up and run extremely well on a honor/witness system and are by all means conservation oriented. The same cannot be said about the L & D tournaments. The problem is the offering of cash prizes and profit seems to bring out the worst in people. I have witnessed on many occasions Steelhead released back in to the river after hours of hanging on a stringer when a larger fish is caught. I wonder what the survival rates is for these fish? If you want to see conservation at it's finest, walk the river on Sunday and see how many fish you can find in the bushes that were tossed there for one that was an inch larger. And don't be fooled by the talk of conservation by the sponser of the L & D tourneys because he too is motivated by profit. The pay outs have always seemed disproportionate to the number of entry fees.

    Please understand that I'm not against tournaments as long as they are planned and operateded with integrity. I am just putting forth my opinion of a situation that I have witnessed first hand and have been sickened by.
  7. Alwsfishin

    Alwsfishin '73 24' Stamas

    Great thread guys..........I have stopped patronizing L & D......he is always crying about something......especially how bad business has deteriated the last few years.....I too believe his tourny's are purely profit motivated.
  8. Pete at L & D has one bad outlook on people. Walk in and you get a "Yah, what do you want?"
    Duh! It is a bait store so eveidently I didn't go in for a hamburger. Man needs to straighten out his ways.
    Loosing busness is his fault, many people at the river tell me that they no longer go there.
    Maybe one of you frequent buyers should clue him in but I don't think it will do any good!
  9. Saturday was very cold, especially for me. I decided not to fish the tournament. I had my wife drop me off at a section of Rocky River I frequent. I walked upstream a bit to a rip I like to cast. I stepped into the water and immediately felt water coming through a pinhole in my waders. Let's just say it was REALLY COLD and because I was so dumb to leave it go for the few hours I was down there I am sick and hurting now with a bad cold.

    Anyhow, as I travelled upstream casting here and there and landing little guys under 26" I saw a guy keeping an older male and a younger male alive on a stringer. He said he only make it down 3 times a year and was fishing the tourney. By the length on the fish it seemed he had the "win".

    I appreciate all of your responses on this thread. I saw a lot of things Sat. that made my mind up these tourneys are not my bag. Two guys had a female, a large female carcass laying on the ground which they gutted purely for the eggs. It made me so ill. I went upstream a bit after that to talk to this guy who was fly-fishing. He had landed the biggest fish I saw caught all day and released it immediately. I forgot it it was a female or male, but it was easily over 30". We got to talking about how we shared the same gear and showed each other flies we use. I forgot his name, but he was a nice guy and I got some great tips from him. This was the highlight of my day.

    I do admit that these kinds of tournaments can bring out the worst in people, because I know I saw it big time on Sat. I know that Pete did not get many people to enter the tourney, but whatever.

    Steelhauler, I know we have spoken about Pete on this level before and you have shared your feelings about him to me. Dude, believe me, I know his attitude sucks! I know how everyone feels. I guess I am just the kind of person who tries to see the good in people too much. I try to shy away from judging people. Not saying that anyone here is being judgemental. That's just how I am.

    I spent more time talking to people and freezing my arse off Sat. than fishing, so now I am sick. Durr.......

    I am planning on getting out somewhere Sat. No solid plans yet, but we must patch waders.

    Most fish that day were bing caught mainly on trout spawn tied in a pink/salmon sack. Some on jig and maggot, black body, salmon head. It seemed that the bait fishermen had the advantage that day, but the biggest one I saw was caught a fly tied with rabbit??? Hmm??

    How was everyone elses weekend?