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    Who would buy a fish mount they didnt catch? Ist that kinda the whole point?

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    the same people that snag walleye and saugeye, and keep them.
  3. Funny story: A few years back I had a moving sale/house sale. I had everything sitting in 2 rooms for the taking. At the time I had my prize steel head on the wall and not thinking it would be an issue. I had more people ask me if that fish was for sale then anything else there. I was amazed that so many people had interest in purchasing a mount. Everything went in the house except that fish. I really could of held an auction for it-- to this day I am still curious what I could of sold it for.....
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    I've heard alot of stuff about this fellow, not all good, some of it pretty funny.
    The story I heard though, is he p*ssed off a Ranger or ODNR guy, and they basically set him up. He had those mounts around for years and never sold any.
    Guess they were unclaimed or something. The ODNR came back in after a week with an undercover agent who offered to buy a mount and shabam........
    Seems kinda mean - he was closing down anyhow.

    My buds got a nice 32" steelhead mounted, that he caught out of my secret fishing hole! Whenever I can, I offer to sell it for $2.....:p
  5. Hummm Interesting..

    The guy is a piece of work... Whether ya like the guy or not...

    and the ODNR was doing their Job... but hey, it is what it is.....

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    $75 in fines and 2 years probation?? That'll teach him!
  7. I have known Pete for years and I used to handle him the same way that he handles everyone. Whatever his nasty remark was I would just answer up with one similar and I would get a laugh out of him. Never had a problem with him.
    Even told him how ugly his girlfriend was, lol.
  8. Not trying start anything just curious. What is the reason for a ban on selling mounts of fish or animals? I mean its already dead. I'm sure there is a good reason I just cant think of what it may be. One more question I just though of how do restaurants and such get all the mounts they have or are all of those fake?
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    Thats what I was thinking.
    It should have been $75 per fish.
  10. It's pretty common for taxidermists to get stuck with 2-3 mounts (or more) per year from customers who can't or won't pay. The only choice they had was to sell the mount at a loss to recover something.

    Now they have no choice except to eat the time spent. All of you folks piling on this guy, how would you like to work for nothing?

    If you ask me, this law stinks. I understand the intent: that fish aren't harvested solely for trophies/profit. But there should be a provision for taxidermists who get stuck by customers.
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    The law might stink, but as stated in the article he was warned a week prior. I agree with eveything you mentioned Commodore, but he was warned and still thought he was above the law.
  12. the $75 and probation says it all.... He was stubborn when he was warned and he didn't care when the undercover came in. He probably didn't realize he was about to get screwed. But either way, slap on the wrist and he's the one left smiling. That dude still cracks me up!:D :D

    I thought his name was Pete! Who's Larry? Did they call him that cause his last name, cause I used to call him Pete Peterson:D :D :D
  13. man that guys minnow count really sucked only thing bad i had against him.:mad:
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    jyb , it keeps greedy people from catching ,mounting and selling trophy fish!!! if it would be legal than they would be everywhere on craigslist and ebay.
  15. Is this just a state to state law? I know on ebay they sell replica's and skin mounts. I guess it would be illegal to sell a skin mount to anyone in Ohio? It said replica's are ok to sell.

    I always wanted to buy a mount of the same sized fished I C&R'ed. Its much less of a hassle and I know what the final product will look like. It sucks to get one mounted and it doesnt turn out the way you wanted it too.

    Weird law.
  16. Any taxidermist can do a fiberglass reproduction for you. You take measurements of the fish, give them to the taxidermist, and he can order a fiberglass replica.

    IN general the replicas are a bit more expensive, but the fins and skin are nearly perfect, since there's no natural damage to begin with. Just call up a taxidermist and ask.
  17. IMO;

    AGREE, stupid law. If all fish were caught legally & he was trying to re-coup his time ($$), his labor ($$), material ($$), interest lost on that $$, he should be able to do what he wants with them.

    If one pays to harvest fish/game with a license he should be entitled to do what ever they want with the product. Weather it's fertilizer for your garden, C&R, or table fare.

    But? For one that harvest fish/game to exploit the subject matter should be a law seperating the the situation.
  18. I don't know about this one.

    I may have been interested in a trophy pike mount. I caught it in Ontario on the first day of fishing. The fish would have been rotted if I would have kept it for a mount. (primitive camp in back country for a week).

    On the other hand, i can understand that it may cause other enforcement problems for the wildlife officers. We don't want people getting into business of selling fish caught by line. That is small scale commercial fisherman. Tough decision.

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    what did you say his name was ( OJ )