L&D Bait and Tackle, lakewood

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  1. Anyone know what happened to this place. I went by there and it was gone?
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    Didnt they have legal trouble with some of the fish mounts? It is to bad, pete was such a gentleman. If I ever need steelhead supplies I recomend a slight detour to either bait store on the grand river, they are great people at both places.

  3. yup, pete got in trouble for selling mounted game fish. god was he truly a gentlemen and a salesmen. Rocky River tackle on Lorain road is open now though. Jason is a great guy and ties great stuff, pm me if you need directions or something.
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    send me the directions please!!!!!!:)

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    Rocky River Tackle is just west of Wooster Road on Lorain Road, if you are heading west it will be on your left.
  6. Yeah he was a great guy. Been going to him since I was a kid riding our bikes down to the river. The reason I ask is I am looking into opening a bait shop in the same area as L&D, since it is gone now. Not that Pete could ever be replaced but it would offer us steelheaders a shop in close vicinity.
  7. does rocky river tackle have regular hours? i've stopped a few times and has been closed and did not notice any sign posting hours of operation
  8. 6-2 closed on mon and thursday i believe. the number for the shop is 440-333-5114. I think the hours might improve when the business picks up for steelhead season. but dont quote me.