Kyle Bush is going to joe gibbs racing

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  1. just saw on nascar now kyle is signing with jgr. he will drive the #18. JJ is out in 2008. interstate batteries will stay.
  2. I saw that too...also read at that Gibbs is thinking of going to Toyota next year.

    "More on Gibbs to Toyota..done deal?; Busch to JGR; Yeley? HOF to RCR engines? UPDATE 3: hearing the decision has been made and that Joe Gibbs Racing [#11, #18, #20] will switch from Chevrolet to Toyota in 2008 and the announcement should come in early September.(8-6-2007)
    AND: Joe Gibbs Racing still hasn’t announced whether it will switch to Toyotas next year, but the buzz is that it will. Some clues? Tony Stewart’s souvenir trailers were selling merchandise at 50% off regular price last week at the Brickyard, Stewart’s home track and a place where the Hoosier native is wildly popular. Also, a source at Richard Childress Racing said it has been approached by Hall of Fame Racing, a satellite Gibbs team, about buying engines from the newly merged RCR-Dale Earnhardt Inc., engine operation in 2008. Presumably, HOF is hedging its bets, if it ends up not being part of a Gibbs move to Toyota.(Ford Racing)(8-6-2007)
    UPDATE 2: Kyle Busch has finally decided where he will race next season, agreeing to a deal to drive the #18 Interstate Batteries machine for Joe Gibbs Racing in 2008 and beyond. Busch will replace J.J. Yeley, who will move to Wood Brothers/JTG Racing next season to steer the #21 Ford. Busch made his decision after recently narrowing the field to three teams; Gibbs, Dale Earnhardt, Inc., and Evernham Motorsports. An official announcement is expected within the next 2-3 weeks.
    In addition, JGR will jump from Chevrolet to the Toyota camp beginning in 2008, joining Michael Waltrip Racing, Bill Davis Racing and Team Red Bull on the list of teams running Toyota Camrys. Neither Busch nor JGR have made any official comment on the move, but Gibbs officials have already informed Hall of Fame Racing that they will not continue to provide the team with engines next season, prompting Hall Of Fame to contact Richard Childress Racing about a similar engine-supply deal for 2008.(Motorsports Soapbox)(8-6-2007)
    UPDATE 3: Hall of Fame Racing officials have not been told by Joe Gibbs Racing that JGR will not provide the HOF with engines next season, nor have HOF officials contacted RCR.(8-6-2007)"

  3. If that's your source, I'd wait until for something more reliable before telling too many people. I've never seen a more sorry excuse of news "reporting".
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    i like how they always put it "source says"
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    Dave Moody started this mess this afternoon, and everybody has pounced on it not wanting to be shown up. We'll find out in the weeks to come what is fact and what is fiction.
  6. I never said it was a reliable source :D

    And I couldn't see Chevy's number 2 team (Hendrick is obviously #1), up and leaving without Chevy somehow upping the ante for them to stay, if the rumors turns out to be possible.

    This is one of the silly season rumors I'll definately be watching.
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    Several of the blogs were reporting this RUMOR yesterday. Dave Moody (Sirius Radio) started it.

    PS... I don't think JGR was ever officially #2 on the pecking order. With DEI's merge of GINN and their alliance with RCR for engines, I think it's safe to say JGR just became a step-child.

  8. I agree with the step-child analogy, and that's why I'm leaning towards believing the JGR to Yota rumor. He makes the switch and he'll become #1 in the stable and get serious backing from TRD, both financial and equipment. Who else would they give it to? Mikey??

    Then the question becomes..does Stewart stay, or walk to stick with Chevy, since RCR is talking about starting a 4th team now?

    Like I said earlier....this is going to be a rumor to watch this silly season.