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  1. We are heading to Cypress Bay on the KY/Tenn.border this sat.Has anyone been down there ?.I here its been a rough spring .Looks like the lake should be at summer pool but still dropping by sat .Any help would be apprieciated .

  2. Last week I was on Kentucky Lake and fished Smith Bay.

    After looking at all the bay areas ,I tried there and got into the Crappies in the afternoon. You din't say what you were fishing for, but for 3 days I faired not bad in this area. The water was still high but it cleared alot that's why I picked this area.

    Mostly ,I found I had to back off the banks and I verticle jigged 1/16 oz. Hot Grubs with one to two waxworms included.

    I released alot outside of just taking enough for my son and I for dinner.

    Adverage size was 10 inches and above , but not till afternoon hours.

    For three days I was the only one in that area and it was out of the wind so the water was warmer.
    Like everywhere no matter what state the water is high and somewhat cloudier than normal.

    At about dark time I used rattle float along with seperate rattles on the line to enhance the noice for takers.

    Hope this helps,
    JimG and Good Luck

  3. Thanks Jim ,thats the most encouraging report i have seen .We fish for crappie but would try bass if thye are biting .I just hope for some good weather .
  4. Let Us Know How You Did When You Get Back. We Are Heading To Blood River 4/12-4/19. Theres More Rain To Come This Week, And Hope It Dont Effect It To Much. Keep A Open Mind. Good Luck!
  5. I will post a report when i get back ,Jim What part of the lake is Smith bay ?I just hope we can get a couple days of good weather ,I think it will be awhile before the fishing turns on here in OH.
  6. Smith Bay is the north west side and on the banks of Smith Primative area.
    Have fun and Good Luck,
  7. No crappie but about 50 yellow bass ,water temp was 60 in the bays on Tue.
    No one was catching any including a local guide that came in while we were there .We still had a good time and couldnt beat the great weather we had .
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    We fished from 4/7-4/10 in several bays in the vicinity of Cozy Cove, Hickory Hills and Shawnee Bay resorts (sorry, first time on the lake and I don't know the actual name of that part of the lake). The crappie fishing was nearly nonexistent. Our party of 10 probably didn't boat close to 20 crappies in 4 solid days of fishing (Including the two crappies caught by my two cousins who fished with a guide on 4/8). Of the few crappies that were caught, some were caught in open water, while some were caught in flooded brush and timber. Some were caught on minnows and some on tube jigs (I wish I could be more helpful! :( ) Many of the crappies caught were in the 12-15" range, so at least the size was good. We did have one good day of bass fishing using texas rigged worms in flooded timber and brush.

    The water was about 6' above summer pool at the beginning of the trip and had fallen about 18-24" by the time we left. Water temperatures were in the mid-50's.

    Just for fun, here's a pic of the highlight of my trip: