KY Lake in 2 weeks

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  1. Going to be in Jonathon Creek area near main channel the week before Oktoberfest (zinzinnati). I anticipate this heat is going to make things tough. Anyone else been on that part of the lake late summer that has some info on productive patterns?

    Thanks in advance for any and all info.

  2. Well, that 2 weeks went by fast, thankfully. I'm heading out Sunday. The recent cooldown should make for some interesting fishing. I'm figuring this will be one of those periods where the early morning and late evening bring lots of fish near surface. And if we have a good clear night with a bright moon... I'll post some pics when I get back...go bengals.

  3. Glacier - Bass are biting. Fish the weedbeds. Lots of them this year.
  4. The lake was beautiful, the weather was mid 80's and sunny everyday. I only had access to a small boat with an old motor, and did not feel comfortable taking it out on the main river channel much. But working in the jonathon creek area, was able to find smallish LMB on multiple lures and presentations. I took my girlfriend and sister out looking for fat bluegills for a fish fry the last night, and I caught my first ever pike on a crappie jig tipped with some worm. That was about the last fish I expected to pull out of there (was small, maybe 16", need to check the photo's on GF's cam). Also caught a 4" yellow perch in the same spot, which was a surprise, and plenty of healthy gills.

    I think my favorite catch was a turtle about the size of a quarter (with hands, not hook). There were a bunch of those around our dock all week, must have been near a recent hatch. Also saw a barred owl, pileated woodpeckers, orioles, hawks that flew by too fast to ID. Just a great area to get out to if you want to relax and forget about work and traffic and the noise of the city. I need to get back there sometime when the crappie are up.
  5. Hey Glacier,
    Too bad you couldn't make it out to the main lake. If you can trailer your boat you should try hitting one of the Barkley lake ramps. Be careful over there though, there can be some shallow water.

    I've been fishing Ky Lake 35 years and I've never heard of a pike there. Possible it was a gar?

    I wish we had that type of fishing closer to SW OH. It's increadible.
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    It was a chain pickeral. We've caught a lot of them in the jonathon creek area. Even caught long nose gar a few times too. The CP dont get very big. Biggest we've ever caught was just under 20"s. Lotta fun on 4# test.