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Kokosing River

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Net, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Taking the wife on a weekend getaway this friday to a B&B near the Kokosing River Water Trail in Knox County south of Danville. Any tips on area fishing or sightseeing would be greatly appreciated.

    I heard the river levels are way down so a canoe rental may be out of the question. What about that bike trail? Is it mainly for extreme mountain biking or can a couple of 40 somethings handle it? Thanks.
  2. The bike trail is flat as pancake and paved. Very user friendly. The area around the college is mostly college owned, nobody will bother you on the college property. There is a pull off where 308 runs into 229. If you go east on 229 from the college you will see athletic fields on your left, there is a pulloff lane at the east end of the fields that goes by the rugby field and back to the river. Doug Mcclaren lives in Gambier and used to run a canoe livery service, I don't know if he is still operating, but he would pretty much drop off and pick up wherever and whenever you wanted. Look his number up in the phone book when you get there. Kokosing valley camp and canoe rents canoes also, but they don't rent them when the water is low. There's another access point on the east side of Mount Vernon on lower Gambier road. There's a newer access point east of gambier, but I don't remember exactly what the directions are to get there. The river around gambier is not fun to canoe if the water is really low, lots of dragging. Have fun, it's one of the nicest rivers in Ohio.

  3. Hey my stomping grounds! I will see if I can help out here.

    I can tell you that yes the water levels are way down right now. We are supposed to have a chance in the next couple of days to add to that water so maybe you will have a shot on the weekend for canoing. I don't know whether they are running their canoes right now or not. I know that I was in the river a couple of weeks ago and there were a couple of privately owned canoes running. This was up toward Mount Vernon more and it is shallower up there. They may be running downstream to a Walhonding River pickup area. It is a very good stretch of river anywhere from Millwood downstream to the dam. You generally will not find many big smallmouth but there are plenty of them.

    As far as the bike trail, yes you old fogeys can handle it.:D:p That is totally a joke because I don't want to think of you as old because that would put me in the same category.:p Anyway the bike trail is part of the "Rail to Trails" program so it is all part of an old railroad. Your best option would be to hop on at Danville and head west toward Mount Vernon. It is all paved and very easy traveling. There are some pretty scenic areas alongside the river up around Howard and Gambier. I think it is like 14 miles all the way from Danville to Mount Vernon with Gambier being around the midpoint and Howard shorter than that.
  4. If you do look up Doug, I believe his last name is McLarnan.

    This is good info if you are going to be that far upstream as far as staying. However, since you mentioned south of Danville I am wondering if you may be out on 715 or somewhere east of Millwood? If so I would not make the trip on up to Gambier for the fishing. If Doug is running canoes and the Kokosing Valley Camp is not then that would be an option. But as Supercanoe mentioned it gets shallow up that way. If you are in Millwood and looking to hit the bike trail you could even go to Howard and hop on there. It is on the left down a drive after you pass the ice cream shop heading west.
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    the map of the kokosing trail may be on the web site.
  6. I canoed the kokosing from Zuke Rd to the confluence Sunday and it was pretty low but I have seen worse. Some friends of mine rented canoes Saturday so i know they were renting them as of then but we have had no rain so that may be sketchy. I don't think Kokosing camp ground allows you to go below the camp ground because the the sand plant rapids but i have never rented a canoe so i don't really know for sure. Have fun it is a beautiful river.
  7. Brian, you have mail.

    NBF, I printed off all the ODNR stuff on their website. Thanks anyhow.

    Thanks to all so far. Your tips will be put to good use.