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Kokosing river

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by LFN, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. LFN


    Is anyone familiar with wading this river for smallmouth? Would likt to find some spots with parking and wadable water.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. I fish it all the time.There are some good stretches down towards Gambier,but that's pretty big water down that way,but it's mostly wadable.I prefer the smaller upper reaches of the Kokosing,and it's tributaries.Coming from Marion,take Rt.95 to Rt.13.Take a right onto Rt.13 south and follow to the end of the 4-lane highway.After 13 goes into a 2-lane highway the first Rd. you will come to will be Beckly Rd.You can turn either left or right,if you make a left,you'll come to a bridge that crosses over the north branch.You can park at the bridge and fish upstream here.Easily wadable,and very good fishing.If you chose to make a right on Beckley Rd. you'll come to a bridge crossing over the mainstream of the Kokosing.Again,park at the bridge and wade upstream,also good fishing.
    Another good stretch is to follow Rt.13 into Mt.Vernon,and when you see a drive-thru beer place on your right(Tim's-I think)make a right on that road and follow it down a short distance and you'll cross the river.Park here and wade upstream.I always wade this stretch all the way back up to Rt.13,just before reaching the bridge,both forks come together.There's a real long pool that has some good depth to it,and I catch just about everything in there.
    There's a ton of good water for miles southeast of Mt.Vernon,all the way down to where it joins the Mohican.My favorite stretch down there is from Millwood upstream to Howard.A real good stretch in that area is from Riley Chapel Rd.upstream to Rt.36.It's a great river with many places to fish it,I've only mentioned a few.Also try some of the smaller tribs down in the Howard area such as Jelloway Creek,or Schenck's Creek,these can offer up some pretty good fishing also.

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    I KNOW you're reading this post! 'Ready for one of these trips, or the stretch the stretch you used to wade.