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kokosing river

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by harry1, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. my first trip down the kokosing by canoe. beatiful river, easy to canoe and not crowded. the fishig was pretty good and would probaly would have been better if we hadn't run out of time. the bunny took 23 fish. my share was 10 smallie and 2 rock bass. none were large. 12" was my biggest. i'll be back there and this time i won't forget my lunch and water cooler.
  2. meisterdog

    meisterdog mr. saturday night

    :D I have gone up to wade the kokosing every year for smallies. I was up there yesterday in mt vernon and biggest smallie of the day was 3+. It was a real treat to fight that beast of the kokosing. All in all there were about 20 smallies caught and a couple rock bass. All were release to catch again. What a fun trip. I canoed it once and I thought it was too shallow for the canoe and I prefer to wade, at least the part I fish in mt. vernon. :)