Kodak C613 (Digital Camera) Users out there

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  1. Just wondering if anyone else has this camera. I'm thinking about getting it for my wife. I found a pretty good deal on one and I was just wondering if anyone has had good/bad experiences with it.
  2. I have an older model kodak and the only problem i have with it or them is their tech support. I thought my camera went bad and looked on line to send it to them. On their cite they wanted almost 50 bucks even if they didnt fix it. The camera im lookin at getting is an Olympus. I went to Bestbuy and was telling them i need something for hte outdoors that can handle a little roughtness. He handed me this one. He then told me to drop it on the floor step on it and beat it on the counter. I wacked the snot out of it on the counter and dropped it on the floor. I was surpirsed it still worked. They had them on sale with a 512mb card for i think it was 179.99 or 199.99. It may be a little more than what you are wanting to spend, but it will hold up for ever.


  3. Good advice from TomC.

    But Google in your Camera & ya might get a better deal on-line?

    Had a Kodak DX6440 & it was a no-brainer, my wife learned how to use it in about 15sec., set it on auto & blam your a pro., very user friendly, most newer digital camera's are that way, when before one had to take class's to learn the proper use of camera's.

    My Kodak was acting up & they just wanted way to much for a repair. So I graduated into a Sony DSC H-9, it's got 15X optical Zoom & infared. Let's say this its got all the bells & whistles & great customer re-views.

    Check out what infared does compared to flash;

  4. Thanks for the tips and advice guys. I found a SUPER deal on the Kodak. It's almost one of those deals that if you let it go then you're an idiot. I'll look into those other camera's though. Thanks again.

    Nikster, how far was that turkey from you? That shot is super clean and vibrant. That's amazing.

  5. From my stand, I had previously scanned all ares with a Nikon range finder for all possible angles in taking a shot, from 75yds., to 235yds. This area that I took with the Turkeys was at 15X zoom & if I remember it was either 135 or 140yds. distant.
  6. That looks like it is just a couple feet from you. That's some serious zoom and picture quality.
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    I've spent the last couple of weeks researching Digi cams also.

    I'm buying three Canon's for Christmas. The PowerShot A720 IS, and the SD1000 ELPH have excellent image quality and are well liked by Consumer Reports, Imaging- Resource, etc. and are great value deals at $239.00 and $179.00 each.
    They also do very well in low light shots where many don't. Recommended at Imaging-resource.

    fishintiger, about your specific camera...


    Its having image stabilization is a real potential plus.