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Kobe Needs some Tampons

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by BiteMyLine, May 31, 2007.

  1. BiteMyLine

    BiteMyLine Just One More Cast

    Kobe Bryant has got to be one of the most talented players the NBA has ever seen but his personality and self-minded actions make him one of the more disfunctional assets to any organization. Who in their right mind would want this guy on their team. He's a ball hog, he disses his coaches teammates and management, and detroys moral from top to bottom. He already ruined the best thing he ever had when Shaq left and now he is just starting all over with somebody else. Give the guy a tampon because he must have some serious PMS and complains more than 95% of the women I know. If I were the Lakers management I would take him and trade him to New York and let the New York Press tear him down. He's a nothing but a leech and is sucking the life out of LA.
  2. Let me start by saying that I am an extremely loyal Spurs fan.

    Obviously, the situation with Kobe is a little over the top. I know that initially alot of people thought that he was trying to keep his name in the spot light...especially with LeBron and Tim Duncan getting alot of attention these days. But to say that Kobe's crying (atleast w/o reason) is absurd to me.

    Kobe is simply stating that he's fed up with what the Lakers and their 3 headed monster G.M. situation is doing...or not doing. This "Lakers Insider" blasts Kobe in the papers for no reason...other than that fact that there is no sports news in L.A. these days (hockey does not count) and he was simply fed up with taking the heat for the Shaq situation. He told Steven A. Smith that Jerry Buss had a sit down with him during his free agent period and told Kobe that he wasn't going to re-sign Shaq regardless of what Kobe's opinion was. Buss said that Shaq was old and physically breaking down...thus not worth 80 million. When Kobe re-signed...he took the heat for "pushing out Shaq" because of what the Lakers promised him (re-tooling the roster to win now...not rebuilding) and was basically being a good employee. And for the record...Shaq told Steven A. that he believes Kobe 1,000%.

    He obviously doesn't really want to be traded but feels that there are no alternatives. Lakers management told Phil Jackson the exact opposite of what they were, and still are preaching to how can you blame Kobe for wanting to move on from that situation and go to a contender? He had success at an early age...who wants to play on a that has a point guard named Smush??? Or for a team that refuses to get rid of Andrew Bynum?? Kobe has 3-4 peek years left...and Bynum is obviously not going to be a good enough "side kick" in that time frame.

    I am a former "Kobe hater"...I never thought that he or Shaq were good enough to win titles by themselves. But if you really think about it, who is? As a Spurs/Duncan fan it kills me to say that Bryant is the best player in the NBA...but it's reality. And as a fan of professional sports...yeah, I wish that more players would act like Duncan. But I personally don't hold getting frustrated, even publically, against Kobe.

    My apologies for the rant! Stop hating on guys just because they're great (even A-Rod)...and listen to the whole story before associating a man with a menstral cycle! :D :D

  3. Hook N Book

    Hook N Book The Original Hot Rod Staff Member

    Well said, O young one...! ;)
  4. I gotta say I love that comment.:D:p

    I pretty much agree with what you are saying. It has to be extremely frustrating for Kobe to feel that the management is so disconnected from what the coach and the franchise player want.

    I also agree that Kobe is one of the best talents in the league. The guy can flat out score!! And even MJ caught a lot of undeserved criticism of the other phases of his game at times (defense, team play, etc.). I feel it was all unjustified on MJ and that he was a very good all around player and did what he needed to do to give his team a chance to win. And that is what Kobe is doing. Granted, I don't think he is as a complete player in the sense of creating shot opportunities for others as some others are and have been but with the makeup of that team where would the scoring come from if not from Kobe? They have nobody else to lean on for that offensive production.

    I think the biggest thing that works against Kobe in the public is his sense of arrogance at times and more importantly his off-court problems in the past. Fans have a tough time separating the man from the player, right or wrong.

    It would be interesting to see how many Cavs fans would change their view of him if he were traded to Cleveland and played alongside Lebron. I am sure it will never happen but that combination would be awfully tough to stop. Lebron seems to be content with wherever the points come from and with a coach that balanced the offense out between those two it could work.

    But then I go back to reminding myself of all of the past problems that Kobe has had and I start falling into the same trap as everyone else and not liking him.:D
  5. Cannot say I "hate " Kobe but I sure do not like him. Has nothing to do with his talent. He has a Me first mentality that I detest in anyone. As far as his greatness is concerned. Shaq has won a championship w/o Kobe. Kobe has not won squat w/o Shaq.

    Now how many of you Cavs fans would trade LBJ for Kobe straight up ? Even after one of the most outstanding playoff performances ever Lebron credited his team. Just cannot imagine Mr Kobe doing that. Even though Lebron is younger than Kobe , he displays a maturity that Kobe will never possess.
  6. Dwayne Wade had NOTHING to do with that...
  7. Did not discount Wade just pointing out who won what last year. Wade I would take in a heartbeat for the Cavs but I would not want Kobe. In any sport I tend to like players who are team orientated. Kobe does not give me that impression , I am not denying his talent just his personality.
  8. I see where your coming from...but the people who talk about Shaq like the G.O.A.T crack me up. He's never played for a team that didn't have a guard with a shoe deal. Do I think he's a dominating presence, of course...but he's never been the best player in the league.

    As far as personalities go...the only "sneak peak" inside an athletes personal life (the only true way to know what a player is really like) the public gets is negative publicity. And I mean strictly off of the court/field. So naturally...Kobe = Colorado and LeBron = squeeky clean.

    Kobe may come across as arogant or cocky on the court...and I don't have an issue with that at all. But I've seen numerous interviews where he seems like a really cool guy. All i'm really trying to say is that you, nor I, know Kobe Bryant. And we certainly don't know LeBron James. All we know is what we see and what we hear through media outlets. So to say that you don't like Kobe's personality kinda makes me chuckle. Now if you meant his "on court" personality...then to each his own, I guess.

    I hope that LeBron can keep his career moving in the right direction...but part of me would love to see what would happen if he made a mistake like Kobe.
  9. While I did not like Kobe prior to the Colorado incident , I do find it difficult to root for a rapist. But that is off topic , since you are a Spurs fan are you telling me if possible you would trade Duncan for Kobe straight up ?

    Since you are 37 years younger than myself ( egad I'm OLD ) you did not get to see Russell & Cousy the Celtic center -guard tandem. Or Hal Greer- Wilt Chamberlain the Philly center guard tandem. I could go on and on here but the point is you need BOTH. A dominant point guard in the NCAA tournament can lead a team to the championship with a below average center. Not so in the NBA witness : Iverson when he was with the Sixers.

    You are correct that I neither personally know Kobe or Lebron. All I know is what I observe. Lebron ran up to Z and hugged him first last night after the game. He commiserated with Z because of all the losing seasons and his injuries his first few years with the Cavs that the big guy suffered through. I can picture Duncan doing almost the same thing. For the life of me I cannot picture Kobe doing it. That is where I am coming from.
  10. I remember Shaq and Kobe hugging...but Kobe hasn't had a reason to hug anyone lately...LeBron has!

    Anyway, I would like to know who Duncan has had as his "great" guard? I love Tony Parker and Manu...but they are hardly in the Kobe/D-Wade league.

    And while I may have never had the pleasure of watching the duos that you mentioned...I have seen some pretty good ones. I'm curious to know where you would place Timmy amongst the best big men ever? And that "swapping player for player" thing isn't really applicable. We know the way teams are built around certain players and to swap Kobe for Duncan from the Spurs point of view would be insane. Duncan is the best big man in the league, and Kobe is the best perimeter player.
  11. After watching Parker play these first three games against the Cavs I would say you better up your evaluation on him. Does anyone deserve a girlfriend that HOT !!!!!

    Watching Parker dismantle the Cavs defense I would not trade him for Kobe either.
  12. ...and everyone laughed at me when I told them that we didn't need Jason Kidd at the end of the '03 season! I feel alot better about where the team will be able to go (even after Duncan is gone) with Tony at the point.
  13. BuckHunter10

    BuckHunter10 Hunting 24/7

    kobe is the man. he is the best player in the NBA if he wasent scoring all those points for LA they would be nothing he is saving the team and francies. i think he has to move teams bc he wont win another trophy with the lakers bc they will not work on bringing kobe a good surrounding team.
  14. Fishing-Miller23

    Fishing-Miller23 It's Miller Time!

    There are rumors that he will be traded before the draft. Most likely to Chicago. I wouldn't like that too much being a cavs fan.