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  1. Overall it was pretty good today. Lots of smaller fish (10"-14"), most on an early topwater bite (buzzbait) and then soft plastics did well till I quit at 1:00 (creature baits). Water clarity was as stained as it always is, so I always stick with darker colored baits.

    It was just as busy as last Friday. I'm not used to seeing so many boats on a weekday, but it may just be that it was such a beautiful day.

    By the way, Knox Marine "rocks"! They did a great job with some things I needed to have done and the guys there are really on their game. Best service I've ever had with boat or car.
  2. Thanks Tredder! I'm looking to fish Knox later this week for the first time. Is any one part of the lake better than another? Also, how did you work the creature baits?

  3. BD, I always put in on the end by the dam. I don't know if it's better, but that's the area that I'm familiar with. I like the extensive cover found along most all of the shoreline on that end of the lake. The other end is much shallower and my only experience there was spent bouncing off of stumps. However, I've talked to a lot of people who do well on that end too.
    As for the creature baits, I like to toss them up against the shore and crawl them back just like I'd work a worm. I tend to shake it a bit more than worms and I don't work them much further than six to ten feet from the bank. Good luck to ya, let me know how you do.
  4. I'm doing some Red Cross training at Kenyon College Mon-Sat next week, and want to head up to Knox to do some fishing from the banks either really early or in the evenings. Any tips on where to go and what to throw? Thanks!
  5. There's a couple of fishing piers and some shoreline access in the same area mentioned above. As for what to throw, it depends on what you're going for. I see people doing pretty well on panfish at the piers.
  6. used to fish knox 3-4 times a week for yrs. got a 40 inch muskie, have caught 4 lb smallies, lgmouth up to 6 lbs, best lake there is
  7. 40" muskie? Now you are talking about a FEW years back.;) I can't recall when they stopped stocking them but I am thinking it was back in the late 70's.
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    There's plenty of big muskies right below the spillway at Knox Lake during late March,and on into February.They make a run upriver from the quarries I presume for a faux pas spawning run(although a few may be successful).This past winter,I stood on the wall above the spillway and counted four.BKR,you are right the ODNR discontinued the stocking program in Knox nearly thirty years ago,and while there may be VERY limited natural reproduction,I seriously doubt if there are any muskies remaining in the lake,how big would a 30 year old muskie be-lol!
  9. With the storms rolling in like they been, Is Knox Lake going to be a mess this weekend?
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    is knox a 10 hp lake?
  11. Its a 9.9 lake but I did hear that next month it goes to Unlimited HP Idle Speed lake.
  12. That is correct as of July 1st.
  13. That is interesting to note the number of muskies in the river itself. I used to fish that stretch of the river a bit years ago but never hooked in to one. It doesn't surprise me that there are a few that manage to reproduce successfully every once in a while.
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    I kind of doubt if there's a substantial number of muskies within the river itself,but I do know that there's a few residents in the quarries.Just below Rt.95,the old pond that the river runs through has some monster fish in it.Just this past spring,I was fishing out of a small canoe in there,and I was dropping jigs into a flooded bush and I noticed a giant muskie next to the bush right up on the surface grabbing a few rays.There's also a couple swimming around in the old nighthunters pond too(if you're aware of that place).The big lake right off of 13 also has a few in there,as well as some monster saugeye's,but that's all posted.Legally you could fish that from a canoe if you put in below Kokosing Lake and floated down to it,but that would require waaay more effort than I would want to expend,especially all those log jams.Last year I was wading for smallies between Beckley and Hyatt Rd. and saw a dead muskie floating along the shore there,so there probably is a few here and there anywhere along the river.