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  1. Finally gonna get me boat wet !!!!!!!
    Its been a tough spring for me.
    But now I`m back and hoping to be
    Misfit adventure free. (sorry Rick)

    Would like to know conditions at Knox as to
    water clarity and temps. as of 6/08----6/09/08.

    Son coming in from out of town and wants to fish Knox.

    Will not forget my camera. :p

    Thanks all,

    Capt Hook
  2. I was out there yesterday (Monday). Water temps about 77-78 in the middle near twin coves, around 80-81 by the stumpfield on the east side. In fact, it was 79 degrees on the east side by 6am...

    Water clarity around 12 inches -- pretty normal for Knox in my opinion.

    I managed to boat 11 bass (none bigger than 15" though) and lose 3 more (including one that might have gone 16-18") between 6am and 2pm -- at which point it got way too hot for me. Also caught 4 catfish that were hitting the same thing as the bass. Most fish came on soft plastics in about 5 FOW in shade near wood or on dropoffs.

  3. Hey thanks "Chip"
    I guess we are going in the morn.
    Thanks again

    Capt Hook
  4. Had a great day on the lake. Hit it from 9-3, worked mostly from the dam to the big willow tree. Caught lots of shorts, a few two pounders and one that pushed 3.10. I used a variety of soft plastics and crankbaits. Most of the fish were caught within five feet of the bank. Water temp ranged mid to upper 70s. Lots of boats out there today, the parking lot was about full when I arrived. That's strange for a Friday, but I still love that lake.
  5. Same as Tredder ditto report.
    Was there Wed. w/son and lot of boats.
    Lake is getting popular.

    here is a typical Knox Bass

    Capt Hook