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Knox report

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by capt-hook, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. :) Yeah, Knox is alive and healthy. Put on rain togs and fished from 10am
    till about 3pm. Stoped counting at about 13 or 14. mostly in the
    10 - 12 inch range. BUT, four of the nicest 18 to 20 inch range
    momas you`d want to hook. They have not completed their
    spawn though. Those momas where big bellied, full of eggs. Put back
    as soon as possible. Tried, cranks, spinners, tubes and worms. Caught
    all but one on worms. Go figure! Their favorite today was a worm I
    received from BASS in a re-register gift package. Super salty.
    Talked to two fishers from Mansfield who had the same results. And
    thanks for the help guys if you read this. Nuf said.
    Tight lines to all, Capt-Hook :D
  2. Had the same results 2 weeks ago. Sounds like you hooked the same ones' I returned to fight another day. Isn't that a sweet littlle lake. I was throwing plastic worms ( 4") brown right aganist the wood, 2 ft. from the bank. You are a good man if you were banging away on a day like today. :D