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Knox On Sat.

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CHARLIE L., Jun 3, 2007.

  1. HI GUYS, It's been awhile since I've been on line but I wanted to let you know about the fishing trip I had to knox on Sat. It started out real slow first thing in the A.M. I was in my boat and a friend of mine was in his. We always fish that way because we don't want to carry all our gear back and forth. We didn't catch anything until we got around the big point and started down the rocks. We each caught a couple of 10" fish. From there we headed down the lake just passed the first flat on the south bank. When we got to the timber and laydowns we started catching fish. We worked every piece of timber we could find and we caught plenty of nice fish. We worked our way all the way to the narrows and back staying on the south bank. About the only thing we used and caught most of our fish on was a 4" blue fleck power worm. On the back side of that big point we caught our 10" fish on a crank bait and on the first flat I caught 1, 14" fish on a rattle trap. All the other fish were caught on the 4" worm. On the west side of the ramp we did see a few fry but down the lake we saw all kinds of them. Herman ended up with about 12 fish with most of them betueen 15 and 17"s. I caught about 18 fish with 2 over 14 and the rest between 15 and 17"s. I also had a 20" fish that weighed 4lb13oz. Sorry I couldn't get this info on sooner for those wanting to go up there today. CHARLIE
  2. Always great to hear your reports Charlie. Sounds like you guys tore up the bassin world at Knox on Saturday! Once soccer season is over I plan on catching up with you and Herman, but we're going to have to mix up your lure selection a bit.....even if we just change worm colors now and then, lol.

  3. MIKE, Thats fine with me. We can try anything you like. I'm open to any suggestions,you know that. What ever works the best. This saturday I'm hoping to make it down to rocky. One of my boys asked me to take him down there. He's kinda like me, he loves that place. I just hope my boat works O.K. I haven't had it running wide open in awhile, we will see! I hope the weather is going to be nice. CHARLIE
  4. I bet you guys will have a good time on Rocky. Is that the first time you'll have been there this year? The bite down there has remained really strong.

    As for my suggestions, you may say you're open to them, but when I'm fishing anywhere near you, I have to admit that I'm going to be throwing whatever you are throwing. Following your lead is often the difference between my catching fish or just hauling water! Although, I do still have some of those "ugly" crawfish baits that you're welcome to use anytime.