Knox lake...

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  1. We are planning a trip there on Monday. Since the 9.9 limit was lifted. I have never even seen the lake, better yet fished it. Tell me about it and its inhabitants please?... Any info would be appreciated. We went to Buckeye today and it was real slow we got about 3 catfish a piece and one of mine was around 10 pounds the ugliest one u will ever see with rotting fins and abrasions.
  2. theres a side to the lake that people call the stump side there are alot of good sized catfish that sit under the trees and stumps and eat what the birds drop out of the trees but watch your boat props ive lost 2 props there but havent fished there much this year earlier in the year caught a lot of good sized crappie in what they call the narrows

  3. Thank you. How does the lake compare to Buckeye? And what all fish are in there?
  4. theres alot of big bass,black crappie,bluegills,carp,blue-channel and bullhead catfish i dunno if theres any other species in there or not but those are what i know of i have never fished buckeye before so i couldnt tell you how it compares there is lots of cover though if you go out of the boat ramp by the marina which you prolly will if you go left out of there thats what they call the stump side you will see why theres trees and and there are some big ones!! and if you go right it goes through what they call the narrows
  5. What do people use for bass at Knox? I usually fish Buckeye and have never caught a bass. There are some huge ones though up to 10 pounds I bet. A lot of 5-6 pounders you just cant catch them because there are a billion minnows they could eat whenever they want.
  6. alot of guys i have seen use jigs im not much of a bass fisherman.ive seen guys running spinnerbaits and buzzbaits but i dunno how good they do but but ive seen most guys pull out some nice bass on jigs
  7. When we go to the lakes we fish for what bites. lol. This year we have fished ponds, Buckeye Lake and Dillon. Hopefully on Monday we can hit up Knox because the weather is AMAZING for this Monday.
  8. also a FEW nice perch, lots of tiny perch, and a 20 lb. shovelhead my buddy caught last year and released. one of the few lakes you can target cats through the ice and do really well.
  9. How do you catch Perch? Something I have never caught except one at Buckeye once.
  10. prolly minnows on crappie rigs or spreaders im guessing of jig tipped with a minnow