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knox lake

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by gclark, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. I was at knox lake today and noticed most everyone fishing the banks. I thought the big draw to knox was the stump field area in the middle of the lake. Is this too shallow to navigate by boat? Anyone fish in their by canoe or float tube?

    The water seems to be down to normal levels now. Caught 5 12" or so LM along the south bank near the dam using 3/8 ounce jigs with a smoke colored 5 " double tailed hula grub all between 9AM and 10AM, before I ran out, by flipping them into the banks. Couldn't even get hit off a crankbait or topwater, or any other lure I had in my box for that matter. They were catching some small crappie and even LM at the fishing pier around 1 PM on worms and small minnows.

    I was fairly surprised by the amount of fisherman on the lake on a Monday. I suspect this lake is getting busier this year with a lot of other lakes and rivers hard to fish because of the rain and flooding - like Delaware. It was so weird to see Delaware lake on a gorgeous Saturday with an empty boat ramp (the part that was above water :) and not a soul on the lake.
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    Lake was very busy on sunday. The stump fields are a great area an can be fished with a boat no problem just be carefull because the stumps are everywere and when the waters up. Its even worse because you cant see alot of the ones that are usually out of the water. You will also notice that alot of the guys who can only use trolling motors tend to stay on the end of the lake that the launch from. My best luck on crank baits has been with a excalibur fat free frenzy i believe it called. has blue back clear center yellow bottom with a red pen mark on side i believe i have been getting into some nice bass this yr with them. also tubes produce well at knox. The lake recieves alot of pressure and i think your right more this yr with other lakes looking worse. I'll bet i passed you on the lake i was fishing there monday morning from around 7am until noon ish.