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Knox lake report

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bkr43050, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. I went up to Knox Lake on Saturday morning 9/4. The trip can be summed up in one four letter word, S-H-A-D. The lake is currently so packed with shad that you could practically walk on them. We were primarily targeting the bass and started from the west end of the lake working the shorelines in several areas. It seemed to be the same approach as most others had but I don't think many fish were found be anybody that day. I had a couple of small hits on rubber worms on blow downs but they seemed small. This is my first trip on Knox with my boat and only about my third time ever by boat. I really like the look of the lake and I am hoping to get back out there later this fall if the shad ever thin out. Right now the fish just don't need to work very hard to fill their bellies. Can anybody with experience on Knox tell me when the shad population will be thinned and the fishing will improve?

    I also got checked for boat safety inspection while on the water. I passed with flying colors. That is actually the first inspection that I have had with my boat in the nearly two years of owning it. I asked him if anybody else had caught anything in his stops and he said that the only thing he knew of was a catfish.

    It should not be long until the lakes start cooling off a bit and hopefully I can get some confidence back.:D
  2. :) was up there fri. w/son 4pm til near 8. You fished the usual
    pattern, BUT, we found them more in the brush and shallow.
    boated over a dozen but as you said all small. :( a couple approached
    2#s . But it was fun with my son. Its a great little lake and will be good a little later this fall. I think for the lager fish one has to fish deep around humps and channels. Oh and some real deep logs. get A topo and study it and you can find some
    good areas.

    Capt. Hook