knox lake ramps

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  1. Took a drive out to knox today on my lunch hour to see what the ramps looked like before towing my boat out next week. I am planning on going up one night next week after work to do a little fishing but im a little worried about launching the boat by my self. I went to the ramps by the marina off of 95 today and they look like very easy ramps with a small concrete dock so i should be able to do it alone pretty easy. It also looks like it don't get much traffic which is good so i don't hold anyone up. I was hoping to launch down by the dam but have never been there. What do the ramps look like there and how busy are they on a week night around 5:00.
  2. if i remember right, the ramp at the dam is about the same as the marina at 95. as for traffic, it's hard to say. i've never had to wait long, but i don't fish there much. it can't be as bad as alum or buckeye. hope this helps.

  3. neither one is normally bad, just take your time and if they wait they wait
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    there use to be a wed night tourn at the dam I believe