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  1. Im going to knox lake monday and i was hoping someone could give me some info about the lake whats in it is it good fising etc.
    Thank you
  2. Knox is great for Chanel Cat, and Bass. Could actually be the best lake around for big bass. Good luck.

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    A couple of friends fished there a few days ago and caught five Bass one was just shy of 20". They said overall it was still kinda slow but great lake to fish when the bite is on
  4. fished there last week on wednesday and thursday kept 23 crappie wednesday and 31 on thursday i was just fishing the stumps and fallin timber mostly in what they call the Narrows who knows what this weekends weather has done to them though there were quite a few bass fisherman out there wednesday also caught a nice channel cat with my crappie pole bout broke my pole in two i was using a black jig head with black tube with orange tail for most of these fish.