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  1. I just got a converted john boat set up and am hoping to make the first trip in it this weekend at knox lake with my brother. I have never owned a boat or fished any of ohio's lakes from a boat. Any tips for this lake? suggestions on baits to start with? We both like using plastics in streams and farm ponds and was hoping they would produce well at knox also. Which end of the lake should me start at?

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  2. Tube Style baits, Pig n Jig and cranks right now.

  3. since im pretty new to the boat thing should i stay out of the stump field? I just have a 6hp outboard and no trolling motor yet.
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    If you decide to risk it best advice I can give is take it slow and easy. If you do hit a stump while putting along, chances are the worst you'll do is ding/knick your prop and possibly stall the motor. (Not good, but certainly better than sheering off blades or ruining your lower unit.) When you hit an obstruction, speed and high rpm's cause the most damage. Might want to invest in a spare...;)
  5. This may seem strange but do you plan on stopping and anchoring along the shore at every tree or laydown you expect to catch bass at? Makes it harder to chase bass without a TM to keep moving and find them. I would stay out of the stump field if I was you.
  6. I'd stay away from the stump field as well. It's over fished. My parents owned a house on knox back in 2002 or so. Best luck I had fishing was for cats/panfish. Never had much luck with bass.
  7. I use to live on the lake about 15 years ago and always had best luck starting at the begining of the main cut through. Best on the left side. Bread and butter lure was a spinner bait, but worm, jig and pig also works great. If you go about a quarter of the way down and right in the middle is some nice stair step downward humps. Crankbait works great. I havn't fished knox for a year or two but it is a great bass lake. Nice crappie in there also.
  8. Its getting a trolling motor i just have not got that far yet. I think ill play it safe and stay out of the stump field until i get the trolling motor.
  9. I would say that is a good idea. After one trip trying to maintain position for fishing and moving around without the trolling motor I suspect you will be raising the priority on owning one soon. ;)
  10. oh its at the top already. I would just like to make sure it floats before putting any more money into it. ;)
  11. Anyone know anything about kokosing lake?
  12. okay mr. miller, Knox is great, Big spinnerbaits done real well 4 me there over the years too...tubes/jigs too. rattletraps. Fished Kokosing res. once. it's got pike too, i hear. With Knox, fish 8ft or less. hit each big fallen tree. tie up or anchor and spend time on each one if'n ya hafta. good luck. I gotta lotta time on that lake over the years. good luck
  13. that's great advice right there.

    ONly two Lm's I caught on Knox lake was throwing a Bopper top water bait over top of fallen trees. There's a lot of good coverage in knox to fish. Enjoy it!!