Knox Lake bassin' report

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  1. Does anyone have any reports of the bass fishing on Knox recently? I have not fished up there at all this year. In fact it has been years since I has fished it but I am planning to make a trip up there soon.

    Which area of the lake would be the most promising this time of the year? I was figuring on starting at the lower end (west) and working the shoreline cover with tubes and worms. Anyone have any suggestions?

    I keep hearing all the great stories of Knox holding some great bass. I would sur like to take a few pictures of them.;) :D

    Thanks in advance!
  2. So is there a tournament up on Knox soon? I posted two days ago and nobody has any comments on Knox? Everyone is pretty tight-lipped. Wow, it looks like I may have the lake to myself tomorrow.:rolleyes:

    We will probably get out there and give it a shot at some point over the weekend and most likely tomorrow.

  3. Brian,

    A friend of mine is a Knox Lake regular. I called him for some info. Early buzz bait bite has been decent, but other than that fishing has been a bit slow. Black Chomper jigs for a shallow bite and drop shot rig or Carolina rig the channel across from the east ramp and work south along the west side (where you mentioned). There's lots of shad in there right now so your lure has tons of competition. :rolleyes:

  4. Hey thanks Tim! I am taking the boys with me and they love tossing the buzzbaits so I know what to rig for them.:D I was thinking C-rig for deeper areas. I am not sure what the black chomper jigs are exactly but I will look them up. I am sure that my tackle box has something like them.:rolleyes: I hope to have some pictures to show next week.
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    Hey sorry i have been very busy. Like toolman said the early morning and late evening i have been picking some up on poppers, soon as it hits the water let it set for a while till the pool disappears. I have been picking up some small ones on a 4.5" culprit maroon/black texas rigged worm. As toolman also stated the shad and bait fish are everywere out there and have been for about 2 months so the fishing can be slow. I only live 5min away from the lake so let me know it you need anything, river walker went out with me early this week and picked up some on a small spinner bait white in color i believe.
  6. Thanks for the info F4F,

    No problem on the lack of reports. I knew that once the thread got old everyone would overlook it. I just posted to spark some interest.;) :D

    The spinnerbait is also a good idea for the boys to toss. I will probably have them trying those as well. They do not do as well with the finesse fishing like worming and jigging.

    I have not had them out when the fish were active on topwater. If we got lucky enough to find some topwater action I think they would be hooked.;) That is truly a thrill to see the fish blow up on a topwater.