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    I remember hearing that they were gonna lift the hp restriction on knox, has that taken effect yet? I dont think so, but I wanted to check before I gave up.

    With all the rain, which lake in that area do you think would be the least affected? Clear Fork, Pleasant Hill, etc....

    Thanks for your help.
  2. i called the odnr back in early april and they told me it doesn't go in effect until july 1, 2008. my last couple of trips to knox i saw a few guys running their big motors(it made me mad). i was going to tell them or ask them about it (because it may have changed), but i couldn't catch up to them since i was just using my trolling motor. i don't know if anything has changed, maybe someone on here can verify what the odnr told me. i fished knox yesterday, it was a little high, which was a good thing(because of where i was fishing). knox's is probably least effected by rain than clearfork or pleasant hill.

  3. July 1st and you are correct from what I hear most are already running them. Not sure weather it is right or wrong.IMO


    It's wrong.......JULY 1ST., means JULY 1ST.......Just goes to show you what it's going to be like....If for one minute you think it's going to get any better think again...
  5. yeah, it's wrong and i don't want them to ruin it for the rest of us, before it even goes into effect. i would also expect to see some new signs at the boat ramps when it does go into effect. i did think it was odd going into effect in the middle of the fishing season, so, i asked the guy at the odnr why? he said some of their regular meetings had got postpone a few times and that made all the rules changes later than if they had passed during their regularly scheduled meetings.
  6. You have no more idea what it will be like than anyone else,Crestliner. It's very likely that some of those guys were under the impression that the changes were already in effect. I saw a guy warn another about it last week, when he started to fire his motor up. The guy thanked him, put his trolling motor down, and went about his fishing. All of the overreaction on here is ridiculous. People need to lighten up a bit.


    we will see.....I hope I am wrong....but what you already see is what I think you will be getting....After July 1st it's all over any ways.........It will be here to stay, and no one can say any more about it....
  8. Hey, Crestliner, how ya doin ? Your WRONG ! Plenty more can be said.
    My bet, it will not be enforced.
    Some-one, maybe even the ODNR should publish the enforcement
    phone numbers for park rangers across the state.
    Most all of us carry cell phones and could report violations on the scene.
    Don`t know wether it would help but might make some of the offenders think twice before roaring across these small lakes.
    I believe there wont be a great number of the a-holes, but it only takes one to ruin a days fishing.

    My two cents $$$.

    Capt Hook
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  9. what i think the little guy with a small boat will be done until he join the crowd.i fished from a 175 pro team with a9.9 big foot engine i like the 10 hp lakes because it is so peaceful and quiet.
  10. hi all,

    i fished knox again today and i noticed a new sign at the ramp saying that the idle speed/no wake for motors over 10hp doesn't go in effect until july 1, 2008. also, that violators may be subject to up to $250 fine and 30 days in jail. and get this, there was a guy heading back to that ramp running his big motor.

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    I'm confused. Does this mean that you can run a motor bigger than 10hp as long as it is only at idle speed? Is this for the whole lake?
  12. Wonder what time that was Drop-Shot. It was probaly me you seen! I was there and YES I did run my big motor, 225 HP to be exact. I find it funny how a the guys that were out there running down the lake in a 9.9 creating a wake etc. is better than me idling at 2-3 mph? My trolling motor will get me that fast, just will not last all day at that rate. By the way I did not see the sign either. Not to upset anyone but that IMO on the whole 9.9 / open idle issue.
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    Yes, but only after July 1 2008.

    You aren't allowed to run one there now and will be subject to a fine if caught doing so.
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    I don't think I can put anything bigger than a 9.9 on my canoe....

    I was just wondering if I needed to cross Knox off of my list of places to fish.
  15. As a newbie to a boat with a larger motor (50HP)- when fishing lakes that limit HP I intend to use the trolling motor only.
    Are you permitted to use the large motor to mount onto the trailer?

  16. From my experience you normally will not have any issues when if you use your big motor to load. Now on the other hand if you try to see how big of a hole you can blow out at the bottom of the ramp you may find trouble.
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    Ditto on this, but like many "unwritten rules" it is up to the individual officer at the moment it occurs.

    I've personally used my big motor to launch and load on a few occassions at hp restricted lakes, usually when big winds come into play and my 9.9 won't give me the control needed to keep clear of other boats at the ramps. I've also witnessed others launch and load using their big motors with nary a problem. I feel as long as you aren't doing it in a way that draws attention, you'll be fine. However, you get an officer who is having a bad day or needs to fill a few tickets...;)

    Your mileage may vary.