Knox fishing report Saturday 8-9-08

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  1. Fished Knox Lake Saturday. (First time) We caught 2 small LM bass (on Rat-L-Traps/up near the shore-fished about 4 hours) Gentlemen who has been fishing there for many years said that it 's really not a spinner bait lake. Fished 7" worms/jigs/spinner baits (I couldn't help myself!!!) but came up empty. Alot of boats on the lake. Didn't see too many people pulling fish into their boat. Depth/fish finder was marking fishing all over the place. (??????) Any other reports out there?????
    Thanks for the gentlemen who gave advice earlier in the week. Sometimes people are reluctant to give advice because they don't want to give up their favorite fishing hole or tactics which is fine. (But is nice to get general clues if you are an inexperienced fisherman like myself.) Definitely will fish the lake again. Be careful on the ramp - I about busted myself up when I slipped on the moss in the water!!!!
  2. My own experience is that this time of year -- especially once the sun comes up -- shallow flipping is about all that works. Keep your bait in the shade close to shore. As for the fish you were marking -- this time of year there's lots of shad in Knox Lake...

  3. How are the wypers(sp?) doing at Knox?

    I know they started stocking them a couple of years ago. Was just curious if anyone is catching them or not.

    I know the last time I was there, I was marking alot of fish in open water and figured they might be those??
  4. I hadn't seen any wipers, but I got into the white bass earlier this year. Although I knew that they had just stocked the white bass a couple years ago, I didn't know that they stocked wipers too.
    Dr Chip is right about how to pattern the bass this time of year. There's lots of cover along the shore and the fish seem to hold pretty tight to it.
    As for that ramp, I've learned the hard way that it gets slick, so you're not the only one who's taken a bath.
  5. Didn't understand beaver reference in earlier thread last week. I asked my wife and she sighed and walked out of the room. (No actually checked some out on the internet-didn't have any to flip in my arsenal - tried flipping tubes - I probably needed to be up a little closer to shore) Probably go to Rod Makers shop and pick some up. Also some 10" worms............Excited to go back there a little later in the summer/early fall.