Knox 7/4

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    My brother and I hit Knox today. I don't count very well, but we missed quite a few and boated about 15 fish. Most of those were larger than 14", with the largest being 19". We started out throwing worms at the bank with some success (Man, I think Knox is boring because of all that constant casting to the bank.) while I took an occasional toss with a spinner at schooling shad. After I watched one guy boat one doing that with a Rattletrap, we concentrated on that and had some good success with nice size bass--and one channel cat. All of our fish from the shad schools came on #3 Mepps spinners....Yes, way!

    So, if you are on Knox in the next couple of days and the pattern holds, stop pitching your freakin' Booyah at the bank and look around. There were more boats out there today than I've ever seen, and almost no one was giving this a try. Some of these schools were huge--30' x 10'.