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know of any land

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by MATTY DOG, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. that is for sale in southern ohio. just looking for a few acres for a hunting camp. would be nice if it had public land around. thinking of the athens, washington, adams county.
  2. MAKtackle

    MAKtackle your REEL friend

    Bought my property 9 yrs. ago, when it was still cheap, through a realty company in Monroe county. See signs around the area from time to time and they have a website, . The actual owner of the land was a timber company that bought it from the original owner, they timbered it and resold it for less than they paid. I would have liked to have land that wasn't timbered after seeing what they pay for mature trees now, but the price was right at the time. If I was to buy land today I would do the same if cost was an issue, or buy land with mature hardwoods (cherry especially) and regain some cost with getting it timbered. Just my 2 cents and good luck!

  3. JLE


    Not exactly southern Ohio, but you may check with 10gauge over at, he has some land and a trailer in Morgan County for sale.