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KNOTT waterproof trailer bearings

Discussion in 'Trucks, Cars, Bikes and Trailers' started by PatSea, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. PatSea


    I just bought a 13' Boston Whaler and it's on a real nice galvanized 2010 EZ Loader trailer. The only problem is one wheel bearing is rough and loud and needs to be replaced. I figured no big deal I'll just replace both of them while I'm at it since I don't know the trailer history. Now I find out the bearings are not replaceable! The hub is manufactured by KNOTT and uses automotive type sealed bearings and are supposed to be good for life. Like most things mechanical they eventually do fail or at least need maintenance. These are not oil bath type hubs.
    Does anyone have any repair experience with this type bearing/hub assembly. I find on the internet that someone now makes a replacement complete hub assembly for these and I'm thinking I may have to buy three of them. Replace both sides now and have a spare with me as I travel. Thanks for your help.