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  1. Just wondering if anyone can feel me in on whats the best knot to use on a hook...

    i tend to use a hook snell knot variation...and just wonding what the best knot to use...i tend to get big bites but lose em to weak knots

    and i was wondering if anyone have any tricks to casting futher..and whats a good line to use...ive been using Trilene XL

    ive heard the rubber band trick on the spool or reel i think to cast futher?...fill me in..

    Thanks a lot
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    I have only tied one type of knot ever since I got serious about fishing. Its called the fisherman's knot, and I've never had a fish break off. Even a 15lb catfish on 6lb trilene w/ xtralite tackle. You can tie it like THIS

    As far as casting further, I have had some pretty good luck with Trilene XL. Although, it seems to me that the type, condition, cleanliness, and lubrication of the reel seems to make more difference. Technique plays an important role too. I played golf in High School, and tempo was everything when it came to distance. Works for me in casting too. Nice, long, smooth cast with a nice follow through.

    Good luck out there,

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  5. i have used alot of knots but i read some stuff on not strength and started using the uni-knot, unfortunantly i dont have a link showing how to tie it but it is the only knot i have used that doesn't slip out period. im sure if you google it you could find how to tie it
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    i second that:D
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    Palomar Knot...I use superlines on half my rigs and this knot works great on both mono and I say "why knot" use it for basic connections...and it is probably the easiest knot to tie of them all!
  8. palomar knot.... Blakesmores reel magic will lube your your reel and add distance on your cast using mono line...
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    I always use a fishermans knot, i've been using it for years now.
  10. yep, the fishermans knot. been using it for over 35 years now. I'm too old to learn the new knots! haha.
  11. YEa i usally go buy new reels every summer, i dont knoe how ot lubercate them so they dont last me that long...

    have anyone heard of the Rubber band(giant-found on the broccoli) on the reel trick?
  12. I guess I must be different. I came across this knot 15 years ago and I have not used anything else when tying directly to a hook. I even use this on all my Lake Erie set ups. It is easy to tie and is very strong. Give it a try sometime. Have a great day! I hope the attachement went through. This is my first on this website and it does not show up like I am used to.

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  13. This was the first knot I learned when I was 11 yrs. old. I've never changed, 20 yrs. later, I still use it.... Perhaps I'm missing out on something?
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    nope,you're not missing anything;)
    that's one of the strongest and easiest knots for mono.not so for braid though,where i use palomar or other knots.i use it on all mono except the very heavy stuff.been using it for 50+ years and if tied right,never fails.
  15. I tie the regular clinch when I'm not tying a palomar. The improved clinch (same as the reg except the line is doubled) can be a real pain in cold weather or when I'm in a hurry.
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    even worse when i forget my glasses:rolleyes::D
  17. P A L O M A R, Been using it for over 20yrs., it's easy, a no brainer, & works on just about anything. Good & strong also.
    Was at a sportsman show in Florida & some outfit had a gizmo machine that tested how strong a knot was as opposed to the line itself. This knot never failed & the line snapped before the knot. Thats when I became a devout user of it.
  18. I also agree that the improved clinch knot is very strong and reliable as well. another strong knot is the Jansik knot is one of my favorites to use. It is so simple to use even if you forget your glasses - and considered by many to be one of the strongest knots. The jansik knot is popular with musky fisherman but I often use it when surf fishing or for trolling large sinkers. The palomar is good as well, I just dont use it much.
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