Knight M/L - TC Question ?

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  1. I have a Knight Disc Extreme 50 Cal. Muzzleloader. It's a great gun.I really like it.

    A couple of friends of mine have TC's One has the Pro Hunter and the other has the Omega. We all shoot the TC 50 cal. Shockwave Sabots.

    On my friends TC's it appears that the end of the barrel is bored out a little which allows the sabots to drop in the barrel an inch or so and no short starter tool is needed.
    On my Knight I have to use the starter before I can use the ram rod.

    My $64 question is:

    Could a good gunsmith bore out the end of my Knight barrel a little to allow the sabots to drop in like the TC's ?

    Would it effect the shooting accuracy any if done??

    The barrel is SS.

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    That is called a QLA and is I believe a patented feature of T/C

    A good gunsmith could either cut this into your barrel or send it out to have it done. If done correctly it will not harm the accuracy of the gun

  3. It would be a lot cheaper to just use a different sabot with the SW bullet. There are many to choose from. TC started selling the Shockwave last year with the "Easy-Glide" sabot for tighter bores. There is no manufacturing standard for ML barrels and not all .50 caliber barrels measure the same. The Knight should measure a little larger than the TC though.
  4. noboatdave.

    When you say "use a different sabot with the SW bullet" Do you mean a different plastic jacket or go to a smaller grain bullet???

    I am using the 50 Cal. TC Shock Wave Sabots Bonded 250 gr. Not the Super Glide ones.

    The gun is a tack driver with the TC SW's it's just a little cumbersome getting the bullet started,but pushes down easily.

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    A sabot change will not change what you are looking for if I understand you correctly.

    If I understand you, the T/C has a QLA cut in the end of the barrel that is over sized for about the first inch of the barrel. This allows you to easily start the bullet/sabot in the barrel straight. The bullet goes into the barrel with little or just finger pressure for the first inch. Then you use a ramrod or short starter to complete the loading process.

    What you have with your knight, and all other MZ's, without a QLA is a tight fit for the bullet all the way to the end of the barrel that makes getting it started a little more difficult?

    The sabot change mentioned would help if you had a barrel that is too tight or too loose. It doesn't sound like that is your issue or question.

    Is this correct?
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    From TC website

    13: I've heard about T/C's new QLA® Muzzle System. What exactly is it?

    T/C's QLA® Muzzle System (Quick, Load, Accurizor) is basicly a built in "false muzzle". Many old time target shooters used to attach a false muzzle to their rifle barrel for loading purposes, to guarantee precise alignment of the projectile during the loading procedure. They would then remove the "false muzzle" prior to shooting. The "false muzzle" also protected the rifling from being damaged or worn during loading. T/C's QLA® Muzzle is built right into the end of the barrel in all of our rifles permanently. It guarantees consistent alignment of your projectile in that its surrounded by steel for 360 degrees prior to being driven down the bore and engraved with the rifling. The projectile can't tilt, and the shape can't be altered (lead is soft) as it is started down the bore. This consistent alignment from shot to shot greatly improves the accuracy potential of the rifle by eliminating one of the variable associated with good accuracy... projectile alignment. T/C's QLA® Muzzle System also makes loading your second shot in the field much easier. You merely drop the projectile in the barrel and go straight to your ramrod, using short strokes. It eliminates the hassle of trying to align the projectile with one hand, and drive it into the rifling with a short starter.
  7. Lundy.

    Yeah, What you said,,, that is correct.

    Bullet just starts a little harder compared to my friends TC's. with the "QLA"
    That's really a nice feature on the TC's. Why didn't we invent that?? $$$

    I think I'll start looking around for a good gunsmith.

    Thanks for the info and help !!!