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  1. looking to buy a knife sharpner. looking at the chef's choice. does anyone have one? wondering if they are worth the price. looking at the m130 model.
  2. My chef's choice didn't last for more than about 50 sharpenings before it either went dull or the stones got misaligned somehow. There may be a way to have it serviced but I threw out the original owners manual.

    I bought a simple hand held knife sharpener from a cutlery shop here in columbus. It sharpens every knife in my house razor sharp...including fillet knives.

  3. Use a stone,Dimond steel,Stainless steel.In that order.It takes time to get used to using a steel,But in the long run you will see and feel the differnce when you cut..
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    mines still kickin azz. a few strokes thru #1 and a few strokes thru #2 and a few strokes on a diamond steel and that blade will slice thru anything.
  5. i've got the one that has 3 slots. the first one hones the knife initially with some type of "grinding wheel" and the next two are diamond hones , one medium and one fine I think. I've had it for years and does a pretty good job for me.
  6. I use an inexpensive hand-held Accusharp sharpener. Ive heard about them for years but are not carried in most stores. Ordered one from their website & it works great.