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    shared a beach house with the missus, her sisters family, and the in-laws. was a good time. took surf fishing gear. high tide, monday around 3:25 a.m. got up, lighting and some rain. watched people fish among the beach goers through out the day. nothing caught. made tuesday morning tide. blood worms, and squid. caught small spot. bail wire tripped on a cast lost bottom rig. later in the morning looked for it. water was so clear. didn't find it. still later at low tide, 60 plus year old man crab crawling in the sand bar with my bottom rig in his foot...:( they took him away. what are the odds with that lifeguards not allowed to remove hooks. he was back next day. cast and retrieved in the evening surf..nothing..seen three fish,( flounder, weakfish and one other by spear fisherman through out week).. never did well this time of year along delaware coast either. wait till good/good fish'n........