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Kitchen remodel near akron?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by zyklonjed, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. My wife and I had someone out in FEBRUARY that gave us an estimate to re do the kitchen, move a wall, and put in a french door. They did some drawings, and have since been one excuse after another about starting the job let alone ordering the cabinetry. I have yet to give them any money, so I am not out anything except a few months. Does anyone have a recommendation for a company, (smaller or self employed person preferable), that would like to book a decent job? My estimate was roughly 16k for this, and am not looking for a freebie, but not gouged, either. My only requirements are to get the danged thing DONE. Funds are liquid and will pay 1/2 down, then 1/4 halfway through and final balance upon completion. I am not looking for someone to work 24/7 on this thing, or kill themselves to complete. They must be insured and trustworthy enough to be in the house alone. Any suggestions?
  2. Sounds like your contractor might have over-booked himself or under-estimated the job...I'm very near Akron and have been doing restoration/renovation/additions etc., etc, for 20 years....Shoot me a PM

  3. He overbooked himself, and the excuse I always hear is, "I need to take care of my commercial customers first." PM on the way.