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  1. Wife kids and I are going fishing saturday. Thought about Kiser. We will be bank fishing. Good idea or not? Thanks for any info.....Dan
  2. Kiser Lake is good for shore fishing. Lots of Bluegill Crappie and Bass.

  3. I see your from Springfield. I would suggest going to CJ Brown, sitting on the sidewalk by the rocks. Ive caught over 200 nice crappie there in the past few times ( combined ). I was using a 1/32 chartreuse jighead with blue/white twister tail ( 2" ).. Throw it out, let it sink to the bottom and retreive as slowly as possible, then reel it in fast when approaching the bank to avoid snags. REALLLLY nice crappie!
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    Shore fishing Kiser this time of year can be frustrating with the recent explosion of curly pond weed. "Weed free" spots are limited. The stone piers are mostly clear, but popular and crowded.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I think you saved me trip Wiper Swiper,thanks. I kinda remember from years back about the weeds. XL506-I think we are gonna try CJ. Do you mean the sidewalk by the rocks over by the look out building(West side of lake)? Thanks again guys.....Dan
  6. I caught this striper last Sunday and saw another large one landed. This fish was 23 inches long and weighed 8 pounds.

    View attachment striper.pdf
  7. yeah madfisher over there by the rocks on the ramp me and xl506 go there and we have caught some nice crappies there
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    One of my friends who fishes Kiser a lot told me on Sunday at church that he went on Saturday, fished from the bank with a diving weedless lure (white mostly--about 1-2 foot under the surface--a Bandit??) and in his words "had the time of my life". He caught 25-30 bass in about 2 hours, none real big but he said they were all super-fiesty. He said he was fishing in or near the grasses and lilly pads, he said don't go fishing off the points--no fish there. Anyway he also said he went two other times last week and had the same results--on one trip he got a 4-pounder, amongst 33 fish in one afternoon. His wife backed him up on that...and I'm going this weekend, if the luck holds! I know lots of people say Kiser is frustrating, but honest, personally, I've usually had good luck there.