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Kiser Lake Trip

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ajangsta04, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. For labor day weekend, I was planning on going to Kiser lake near spot 115.

    one of my friends neighbors just got back from there and said it was pretty dead.

    is it worth going out there? i heard the water level was pretty low. are there any suggestions to where i might/should relocate for the trip?

    i heard ceasars creek is also pretty dead.
  2. kiser lake will be one of the quiet parks labor weekend.

  3. BigCat

    BigCat "road dog"

    My brother and I went there for Labor day a few years ago, nice place to look at, not fish. I caught the only small mouth in the three day"s we were there, everyone else seemed to be doing poorly also, alot were using hook and worm, and also very, very, very weedy, we rented a boat for the three day"s and every time we would bring the ore"s up there would be about 50 pounds of weeds on it, since your down that way, look into tycoon lake, research it, supposed to be raised as tournament type bass lake south east ohio gallia county, if you do go there let us know I want to get down there one day
  4. any other spots that might be good for a camping/fishing trip?

    i might check out tycoon. im pretty sure ive made my decision on the kiser lake or caesars creek area. (not going there)

    where are the bass cats and muskie popular at??
  5. lol, don't listen to bigcat... It's a wonderful lake. The fishing is great ( you can't expect to have a prime fishing day in the dead of the summer ). But the lake is peaceful, quiet, and beautiful. And their are a good quality and quantity of fish there.. ( My favorite place to camp )
  6. iteech

    iteech Shebasser

    I don't go there much--maybe twice a season or so--but I always catch something decent. Two summers ago (in September) I was fishing there from the bank, early evening, throwing into a big bunch of lilly pads. I caught a couple small lmb's and I was about to wrap it up when I got a monster hit on the edge of the lillys--it got off but I was shaking when I reeled in--what WAS that?? There was an old guy fishing next to me and he said try again--same spot! I threw the 6-inch pumpkinseed gulp worm back to the exact same place, and sure enough, another incredible hit. It's the only time in my fishing days I almost lost the rod--it was nearly pulled out of my hands--I stumbled forward. I seemed to have him good, and he went insane--I've never before or since had anything give a fight like that--and I'm thinking aw shoot, I got a feisty cat on here! Then it jumped. You know how you remember certain things in your life like it's happening in slow motion--and you'll never forget it?? I swear time froze when that behemoth jumped...up, up, up--walking on his tail, higher and higher--he hung in the air like Jordan!! I went weak in the knees--so beautiful, hanging over those lillies with the sunset directly behind this day that image is burned on my brain. The old guy next to me went nuts--he's screaming OH GOD THAT'S EIGHT POUNDS AT LEAST, PULL, PULL, PULL!!! DON'T LET HIM GO SLACK!!! :B Then Mr Big rocketed towards me, and I didn't get the slack up quick gave him time to spit it...and he did. When that line went limp, I threw the rod down and started crying (I really did--but then, I'm a girl). The old man looked like he was going to cry, too. Short story LONG: I did not land him. He is still in Kiser. And he's bigger now. Be my guest. :D P.S. For the "size police" who watch this forum religiously for foul sinners, please don't bother. If I had guessed it, I would have guessed 10! And I had witnesses--so there.
  7. Last time I fished Kiser was this past spring. We fished on shore within 100 feet of the store by the campgrounds. We pulled in 2 dozen + cats between 3 of us. Only fished from about 7 - 11pm.

    We were just fishing on bottom with good old nightcrawlers. Maybe your success will not be as good as ours, but I think it will have to do with time of year rather than population. Most the cats we caught were in the 2lb range.
  8. I have spent many days and nights on kiser lake,don't ever let anyone tell You it's not worth fishing.number one ,there are no smallmouth in kiser,the water is much to warm and shallow.catfish population is very respectable. there are alot of nice gills-if you can find the big ones. crappies are plentiful-have seen a few 2&1/2 lbs. come out. wipers are monsters-they are everywhere if you just get lucky enough to find some big ones.I have personally seen a stringer of 6 wipers,smallest was 8.5 largest was 13-and knowing there are bigger.the odnr also started stocking striped bass this past year because of how well the wipers have done,in regard to milking and stocking other lakes in our state.overall,kiser lake is a wonderful fishery-many opportunities-it just isn't pressured because of the no motor law.quiet,serene,real camping-if You go have fun!
  9. Wiper Swiper

    Wiper Swiper Banned

    Sorry, catdaddy...after 35 years of fishing the lake I see it's present state as discouraging.

    I know that the few smallmouth present have been released by wishful river rats, but I've witnessed a couple caught and have caught one myself. No...there is not a sustaining population.

    Gill fishing is on the decline. Way too many 6 and 7 inch gills are being harvested when they come into spawn. One only needs to spend some time when the cotton starts flying to witness the basket fulls taken out by waders and hungry boaters. It's time to protect the mature population.

    The next time you catch a 2lb. me...I'd like to see it. Truth is, while numbers are fair, if you can boat 20 crappie between 11 and 12 inches you've seen the best the lake has to offer. Overall, I'd say we've seen better days. Again...over-harvest of mature individuals is a problem.

    Cat fishing is should be...they stock them.

    Wiper fishing is fun, but I think stocking levels were too high considering that they were advanced fingerlings and a forth of them survived anually putting more pressure on the panfish population. I've had a few days with better stringers than you described. They'll be gone soon enough. Stocking 40,000stripers anually is a mistake. I kill everyone I catch, regardless of size. (Just doing my part to protect what's wild)

    Kiser recieves tons of pressure. April, May, and June are crowded. With good ice, it gets HAMMERED! Folks who come, are there to keep fish. We've got a choking curly pond weed problem, a ranger who loves to destroy shoreline vegetation and accelerate previously filtered drainage, and subtle siltation that makes 14' of water impossible to find. Indian Lake is by far a superior place to panfish.

    Quiet and serene it is. The "glory" days of catching numbers of quality native species are behind us. Welcome to the rearing pond of the State's love for put and take fisheries.
  10. If you're wanting to catch some nice Crappie, another good place is Clark Lake, in Springfield. Ive got LOTS of 12-14 inchers from there. Its another small, quiet lake with a nice population of fish. As long as you don't go when they stock the trout, youll find it peaceful.
  11. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    u foud 12-14in. crappie in clark lake! Show me where!
  12. We'll get together this fall and Ill put you on some.. and we'll have a fish fry:D
  13. hey wiper swiper

    im glad you become judge and jury for my fishing liciense fees and taxes with your self proclaimed war against non native species,you know better than wildlife biologistists,instead of killing sportfish why dont you kill carp you know they arent native,saugeye are man made and even rainbow trout arent native to ohio,but you keep killing those fish we all pay for,my children thank you,you uneducated hick!
  14. aw yes xl506 we have got some nice crappies and rainbow trout out of there rember the one that got away lol
  15. Yeah, the HUGE trout that was in my bucket and then a genius wanted to get him out and show him off when the frustrated trout decided hed rather jump out of my hands and go back in the lake than end up in my kitchen.
  16. Yeah, just ignore Wiper Swiper. He's a moron for doing what he does. Kill everything he catches. It takes a true fisherman to kill every fish he catches, regardless of size. When you know there are people who take lots of the fish out of the lake. He thinks EVERY person who fishes releases EVERYTHING so he's the only one left to do the dirty work. I bet the park rangers would love to know about his " conservation technique ". If we were to kill EVERYTHING not native to Ohio we would have no fishing. And, unless you're 100% Native American, you would be killed ( no matter if u were a baby or a senior ). ODNR should revoke his fishing license
  17. WiperSwiper...

    I'd love for you to put me on some wipers. Ignore the hate and personal attacks. (They are violating the rules) Everyone (should) know that Crappie fisherman don't like ANY bass in their lakes. I heard a kid and his dad took 42 LM out of Kiser earlier this year on one day.

    I bet they are crappie fisherman ;)
  18. lol, I am NOT violating the rules by saying I think someone is a moron for killing every single fish they catch. Im sure the biggest majority of people will agree that it's unethical and unsportsman like to just knowingly kill these fish for no reason. So, you don't think crappie fisherman want bass in their lakes? lol! Well, there are hundreds of people who fish Kiser every year, and I bet not EVERY one of them is a "crappie only fisher". To do what Wiper does is selfish, and wrong. There is NOTHING wrong with the Bass population in Kiser, it's NOT out of control. There are Wipers being caught over 10LB in Kiser all the time, and there are still nice crappie being caught. Yes, the crappie population has died down some. But, it's not just because of the new bass stockings, it's also because of nature, and fisherman like wiper swiper who harvest these fish regardless of size, and quality. Im sure he will come on here, and TRY to make a point. But, you can not justify killing fish, and hurting the population anyway.
  19. Wiper Swiper

    Wiper Swiper Banned

    Just to clarify...I reduce to posession every wiper/striper I catch. Put and take fisheries are State run pay lakes, and yes...I've got a "not in my backyard" attitude. You boys keep killing those tiny panfish and I'll keep killing the State's livestock. (and wallowing in my ignorance! lol)

    Chemlab, shoot me a PM sometime. We might be able to work something out.
  20. You should check the rules again.

    He has plenty of reasons:

    To protect the native species
    To relocate into lake crisco

    Same as the "majority" who are killing Gills and Crappies.

    Wiper sees the Gill and Crappie population being slaughtered by the "majority".

    So he is doing what he feels is best to solve that problem.

    What are you doing?

    You both should respect each others choices to do what you think best, even if it is different.