Kiser ice?

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  1. Has anyone drove by Kiser lately? Whats the chance of getting out on it this weekend?
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    My buddy checked tonight at 5:30 he said the bay by the campground was about 2-2 1/2 ". Wednesday it had open water in front of the marina and scattered spots on west end.

  3. Fished there yesterday. The ice was 5 inches on the SE side by the Kiser Rd. parking lot. Fished from 10 AM until 4PM caught 19 7" or better blue gill, 1 11" crappie and about 30 dinks. It was pretty slow until the last hour and a half, then they turned on.
  4. Bruce is the whole lake appear safe? I am wanting to hit straight out from the beach in that 10 foot water. Trying to decide whether to hit Kiser or Indian this weekend.
  5. Fished Kiser lake today. Between 2 of us we caught 36 keeper gills with many dinks mixed in. Ice thickness varied as it was about 2-3 inches by Grandview Heights and about 5 inches back by Kiser Rd.
  6. I was there on Saturday also. It was slow for us. The 2 of us caught 5 keeper BG and about 15 babies the whole day. Did not have a bite for the last 2 hours so we left at 3:30. You must have found a honey hole. Everyone else was having a slow day.