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Kinzua 9-4-04

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by blance, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. Went out looking to spend a quiet day alone on the water doing some musky fishing. Well not exactly, I had 3 dozen minnies ear marked for some walleye fishing that spilled in the back of the Blazer during one of my zone out/emergency braking manuvers. Needless to say I thought I got them all, but the Blazer was stinkin' for a few days after until I found the escapees that made their way into the back seats. I should have looked for deeper water, but decided to play a hunch and work the shoreline instead. Trolled crankbaits and casted bucktails and plastics with not so much as a follow. Finally decided to eat my sandwich I brought for dinner so I anchored up near Red Bridge off one of the fish structure boueys and tossed some crawlers around for panfish. Ended up C&Ring about a dozen bluegills while I ate. About half them were 8" or better. Nicest, fattest bluegills I've seen in quite a while. Should send one of the pics in for a FishPA award for something other than catfish. Finally a Kinzua trip with out something breaking or going really, really wrong... I think I got this whole Cornplanter curse thing down :D