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What I have is the Kingpin Imperial 475 centerpin reel. I got this reel along with a Kingpin Series I reel. I know for a fact that Kingpin gave this Prototype #5 reel in person to the previous owner. The previous owner was more of a fly guy then a centerpin guy. I was told he tried it out on a few trips. I then received the reel. I used the reel and landed fish on a few trips myself. It then went to the shelf and since I have been using the Kingpin Series I reel.

Unfortunately I am not up on all the latest news about Kingpin, so I am unsure how many prototypes were produced. I do know that when Kingpin gave this reel to the previous owner, they were only months away from releasing the Imperial to market. Like I said above, I have used the reel and it functions fine.

I was told during my transaction with the previous owner that there may be something wrong with the nut. Once I got the centerpin home, I noticed the nut was on super super tight. I was able to get it loose, and I then oiled the shaft and then torqued the nut on finger tight with a coin. I then went fishing and landed plenty of fish that day.

I would quote all the fancy details about the Imperial, but being that this is a prototype I cannot guarantee the bearings are what is now listed on the Kingpin site. I can't guarantee the weight is exactly 4.2 oz either. But what I can say is that the reel is a 4.75" Kingpin Imperial. The finish as you may notice is silver. I am unaware if this color actually went into production. It may be only 1 of 5 out there.

On the rim is a small ding, though I never noticed it during my fishing excursions. My pictures do not hide anything but highlight any areas that may be of issue to a potential buyer.

I am getting rid of this reel because like many anglers, I have to many reels and this one needs a new home. What you are getting is a Kingpin Imperial SN#P5. This may be something that a collector would be interested in, or even the angler just looking for a reel to get started. Either way my price is fair regardless of collector or not.

$350 takes it.

The buyer should understand they are buying a late model prototype, and not an officially release reel. This may be more interesting to some, and to other a red flag. Either way you have been informed. I would continue to fish it, but a man can only fish one reel at a time.

Photos below accurately show the reel for sale.

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