King in Rocky

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  1. My friend Rick and I showed up at Rocky around 7:30 today 10/28. We saw a lot of fisherman at every location but one hole by the road. We hooked up half dozen times in the first 10 minutes. As things slowed down he got slammed and landed his first king. He was swinging an orange spinner down the main current of the hole. Rick let the salmon go for another fisherman to enjoy before it dies. We decided to move on and find some more willing fish. Between the 2 of us we hooked into 20 fish. I left the pin in the truck as spinners were smoking hot today. All the fish were in fast water that flowed into a pool.

    Rick with the king

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The biggest steel today at 30"

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Most were between 22" and 24"

  2. corndawg

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    Very nice, wish I was able to get out today. Last year I remember a guy pulling a lost brown out of the Rock. Those surprise fish are really cool.

  3. Man, I had absolutely no idea there was anything like that around here.
  4. Fishaholic69

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    do steelhead or king salmon have teeth? looks like it in the pic
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    Nice king!
    Good job mepps.
    Wish I would have made it down today.

  6. Kings have the biggest teeth, but they all have teeth none as big as a king!
  7. Check out the teeth on this picture. I caught this king out of the V on November 1st of 2002.


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    WOW.... Nice Fish Man!:B

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    HOLLY CRAP!!!!

    Now thats some teeth!!!!

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    real nice fish.
  11. very nice I seen 4 last year
  12. Fishaholic69

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    I never knew they had um! wow thats cool! so you can catch those kings in the vermilion river? never knew anything that mean looking was in there! now I see why you use forcepts! so there teeth won't break you line like a walleyes would?? I always had to use some steel leaders for walleyes. kinda looks like some teeth on a dog!
  13. Fishaholic they are strays from NY or Meatchicken. Last year my dad caught one in the Grand and we seen 3 playing.
  14. Fishaholic69

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    ya I figured they were rare around here. so a steelhead has teeth but not big like that?? I thought I read somewhere they didn't have any teeth.
  15. I read on the ODNR site a couple years ago that the kings can also come from fly fishing clubs like on Cold Creek (if my memory serves me right). The kings, browns that are stocked for the clubs can escape from time to time like when the rivers blow out from flooding.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I wouldn't recommend lipping the steelhead. Regardless of strain, even those teeth that our strain of steelhead have can rip ya up if that thrash around a bit.

  17. nice job on the king and steel. I still havent made it out but i have been busy.
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    Congratulations on the fine catches! Catching a King in Ohio is a rather substantial accomplishment in my book, and the fact your buddy let this one go for someone else to get a crack at - is truly a spectacular gesture.

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    Got this king a few years back on the east side. I had eggs for a long time.

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    Got this one in 98' out of the Rock near the boat ramps on a black jig/maggots. The pic was taken in my old boat and the fish flopped just as I snapped the pic. I also caught a smaller one just minutes before this one.