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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by ParmaBass, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. ParmaBass

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    Who else watched? I've seen some bad cauliflower ear in the past, but that dude Kimbo was fighting ear almost fell off! It was pretty funny when the announcer said "It popped, his ear just popped!" Then they showed the slow motion and it looked like it was just flopping around on a little piece of skin.

    Had the ref not stopped it, Kimbo would of killed the guy. He was clearly out on his feet. It's only a matter of time before Kimbo fights some real competition and gets punished.

    If you didn't see it, and want to see some pretty nasty Sh$t check it out on youtube!

    Feel free to move this to the Sports forum. I thought I was there, but nope!
  2. Two Hip

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    I have seen guys out on thier feet before,but this guy just would not fall down. Maybe it was that inflated ear keeping him up.

  3. Yea, it was a great fight. I thought Kimbo was going down!
    Like Two Hip said, that guy would not go down.
  4. freyedknot

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    yea , but the lawler fight was ended early too?
  5. Gju42486

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    all i got to say is: Gina Carona, wow. :)
  6. Columbusslim31

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    I once saw a Kimbo fight on the internet, before he joined UFC and it was a backyard fight. When the fight was over, Kimbo's opponent's eye was almost hanging out of his head!
  7. vkutsch

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    The funny thing is all the announcers kept saying was how the other guy had a week chin. He took some serious blows and kept coming. 'course, then he started swinging at the ref, so who knows what was left in that big ugly head. I'd hate to be on the wrong side of him in a hooligan brawl...
  8. ShakeDown

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    Was this on CBS @ 9pm last night? I thought it was supposed to be, only to flip on the tube here in columbus to see a telethon...wasn't happy :(
  9. I watced it as well, and I tought it was stopped a little early, ear boy was in the same shape in the second round and got kimbo down and caught is breath. Guy deffinitly had a chin on him though, but the shot at the ref was very uncalled for, total lack of class (or awareness of wo was in front of him).

    Who's ready for the pulver faber fight tonight?
  10. ParmaBass

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    I agree!!!

    Columbus area didn't air the fights? That would piss me off.
  11. Columbusslim31

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    The fights are on YouTube. Just finished watching it. Great fight. Kimbo almost lost it at the end of the second.

    Here is an interview with Kimbo I just watched. Pretty insightful.

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]
  12. I was flipping through channels and came across the fight so I didnt watch the kimbo fight, but caught the lawler fight. That fight was great up until the bs call of the fight.
  13. Kimbo is way over-rated. Gary Shaw, NJSAC, and the referees were terrible. There were a lot of bad stoppages on that card. Props to Gina Carano, she was the best part of the whole night.
  14. CBS is saying it bomb. but they showed it in the middle of the night.
  15. It started at 9...can't get much more prime time than that!
  16. Kimbo is all hype!!! I know he trains with Bas Rutten but kimbo is just a brawler, untill he fights a skilled fighter I can't take him seriously. Guess I will have to watch it on u tube. Since we are talikng MMA don't forget the Faber Pulver fight on VS tonight. That should be a great fight.
  17. dip

    dip dip

    came home from fishin last nite and discovered dayton had the fights on at like 2 a.m. i watched until i fell asleep right before kimbo fight. sounds like the heavyweight that knocked a dude out in a preliminary fight should have fought kimbo since he also knocked out the tomato can that kimbo killed. not up to snuff with ufc. i'm ready for the california kid!

    wonder how long kimbo would last with FEDOR!!!!!!
  18. Very true on the kimbo part. He is hyped up and fought nothing but hacks and washed up fighters. Everyone around him knows he has a following thanks to the hype and they are afraid to have him fight a real fighter. Im sure it will happen sometime soon though. Dana white said he will never fight in ufc, but at the same time, I hear alot of ufc fighters are sick of being burned by dana and are leaving the ufc and alot are gonna go to elite. So it may be sooner then later that kimbo fights a real fighter.
  19. i thought it started at 1:00am my bad. according to my on screen channel guide it started at 1:00am there was a telethon showing on air in dayton at 9:00pm
  20. He wouldn't make it out of the first round with fedor, or crocop. Mirko has lost a step and could still take kimbo. The heavyweights don't have the greatest division but I can think of another half a dozen that would wipe this guy out, Heck I could think of a few 205# fighters that could hurt kimbo If they moved up in weight. But then again I'm a fat guy on a couch runnin my mouth.