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View attachment 80036 selling my Kimber 82g 22lr only. less than 50 rounds down the tube. need funding for another rifle. 500.00.cant seam to get pix posted. not a mark on it. was going to shoot 50/50 with it. just cant get away from my 40xs. will try the pix soon as I have the time.740-274-1121 Also selling a Weaver T36 in silver, fine x hair / with box, sunshade, target knobs,ect that was mounted on this Kimber; again, not a mark on it. 350.00
finally; pix of the 82g. this is a purpose built .22, and as that, shoots like it was built to shoot; little tiny groups.it will shoot in the 2s all day long trigger is 2lb on my scale, and will go to 1lb safely. was going to mount the action in a sporter stock and hunt squirrels with it. never got around to it
the T36 is currently setting on my .222, and if not sold , I'll leave it there. its a great scope. Again, I have box/paperwork for both the 82, and the scope.
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