Killer Deal on Leaders (Better Move Quick!)

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by Utard, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. While I am not familiar with the Green Mtn line from Orvis, I have had horrible experience in the past when buying no longer manufactured leaders and tippet from them. I used to get the Orvis News with lots of clearance items in it and started out buying a ton of clearance stuff that was really old, the dates on it was like 2 years past its prime and it was as brittle as could be. Just a heads up, be careful buying any clearace leaders, mono or tippet, if its old it is garbage.
    Buyer beware....


  2. understandable ...they are probably old..but they are .29 cents!! worth the risk in my opinion.
  3. Worth the risk?? can I quote you that response when you loose that 23" brown, or 18" smallie?? ;) I been there and done that, wont take that road again. There are reasons the prices are so tempting....:p

    Good luck and better play those fish lightly and test your knots before casting.

    Salmonid out!
  4. Your right.I'm a thrify s.o.b. and it comes back to me sometimes..I hope I'm there when I hook that size fish. ha!

    Janus in!.
    (always wanted to do that)
  5. i didnt pack my tippet material while on a bonefish vacation so my friend shared his " just bought" flourocarbon tippet material----i broke off the first 4 small bonefish that i hooked---i wasnt so concerned about the fish as much as i lost 4 of my best shrimp pattern flies on the first day of a week long stay and no place to buy any more---we found a guy spooling line on reels and got some 6# xt but im sure it looked like rope to the fish
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    well i grabbed 10 of those leaders.... for 8.00 if they break then they break if not they will prolly work for soem of the pan fish i catch in the summer months even if they nreak oh well whats 8.00???
  7. I'm with Salmonid on this one. Leaders & tippet aren't a major expense to begin with. I don't scrimp on my gear & I'm sure not going to risk losing a possible lifetime catch just to save a few bucks. Also, as Ledslinger posted about his lost flies, you can better believe he lost far more $$$ on the flies than would be saved on questionable leaders/tippets. I'm not criticizing your decision, just offering my opinion.
  8. You must have missed the 2.49 fly lines...I was wanting to try uplining my Dan Craft 3wt I built and this was the perfect time.

    Not great line, I am sure but for 5.00 I'll bet a couple of seasons use will be in order.

    Took a shot at a couple rolls of tippett and a few leaders as well but not too many as I am switching to furled leaders after trying one this fall.
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    I had a bunch of these Green mtn leaders, when walmart had a clearance on them I bought a bunch of them. They were the worse stuff I ever used bar none.I gave the rest to my nephew who didn't care. It was reason for them to discontinued them because of the problems with them just breaking less than they were intended for. So went back to RIO products and my problems cleared up instantly.
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    I am with the others that its not worth it. One lost fly and your loosing money right off the bat. Leader and tippet are link between success and failure when playing and landing fish. Leaders can be rebuilt with tippet but if they keep breaking now your loosing not only the fly but tippet as well. Not only finacal loss but more line left in the water as well. If your using them for panfish ok but would not use them steelheading or for any other game fish. Some things are worth the extra expense. I have lost to many fish because I was to lazy to replace old tippet spools on my vest and put the tippet on a brand new leader. I won't do that anymore. Add up the saving versus the lost flies and the lost fish and you regret your initial purchase. S
  11. Utard


    Uh, ok. Guess we won't be posting any thing like that again.

    I guess you live and learn. If these leaders are really that terrible, then Orvis may have just lost a customer. The ONLY reason I purchased these (and posted this) was because they were being sold by Orvis.

    Like janus though, I too am a cheap SOB. I guess this could turn in to the "$600+ rod VS $200 rod" Battle, but if it does I won't be participating. Anyway, thanks for the warnings fellas. For those of us who bought these, I guess we should follow up here when we get the chance to fish them. If worse comes to worse, we just got some 3x panfish leaders! (Oh and not to make you guys feel old, but I feel like I just got scolded by my grandpa for doing a half-assed job :) )
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    Just trying to help. and I do feel old thats why I am not out fishing today:)
  13. Hey guys, dont feel bad, its a great deal if some want to go for them, thats fine but I just thought Id throw out my personal experience with deals like that from Orvis. Best others know ahead of time about the possibility they may be old. For your sake they may be just fine and a great deal but wished others would have warned me before I jumped on a simmilar deal about 18 years ago when I was penny pinching and took a risk.
    I do appreciate the post about a great deal, please, if you see them, keep them comming and we will all make our own decisions and hopefully in a few months you can tell all of us how wrong we were....:p

  14. What are the best leaders and best tippet? I am relatively new to this. Any guidance or personal preferences are greatly appreciated.
  15. Utard,
    Do NOT feel like we're scolding you! I actually looked at your post due to your sharing a good deal...thanks for that. It's just that Orvis, as other places, have their products made with their name for them, & they aren't always the best. In the future, please DO post when you find a good deal. BTW, there are some really nice rods out there for REALLY good prices. They don't deteriorate with age like leaders can & do.

    I use furled leaders almost exclusively, but they still require tippet. Three brands that I like are Frog Hair, RIO, & Scientific Anglers. All are quality, & I have to admit I prefer Frog Hair. They also make a "stiff butt" tapered leader that really does a nice job of turning a fly over.
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    Cant really say I like one leader or tippet oer the other. I have used them all from cheapo walmarts to frogs hair. I have found subtle but noticeable differences. I generall tie my own leaders now starting with a butt section of amnesia and tapering down a bit. If i am throwing streamers straight #8 will do off that. I do like climax material a little better as I like my leader material a little stiffer
  17. I do like the rio tapered trout leaders.
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    sounds too good to be true but u never kno unless you try some out