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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by woodysoutdoors, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. I can't recall who told me about killdeer but TY for the info. we did go there. we all caught at least 1 cat fish each. now mind you they were tiny lol but we had fun. we saw some snakes too.

    Only issue I had was when we drove to the one area and got out to look at the water there was a John there with his "female friend". we decided not the best thing to subject our children too. Can't rule out the fact they acted like they had been taking or smoking something as well. It's so secluded out there. I wonder how much of that goes on. and not just there but other places too.

    One thing that drove me nuts was all the soy been and corn feilds lol. and it was all flat and windy. glad I live in southern ohio.

    One other fisherman had caught a couple carps. We saw two fisherman and that was it. Like I said very secluded.
  2. That was I that suggested it. Glad to hear you caught something even if they were on the small side.

    Sorry you "ran" into some of the not so pretty side of everyday life out there. I guess that just goes to show that no matter where you go you can't completely get away from it.

    I used to think the same thing about the flat land but after living here for 12 years I wouldn't trade it for anything. The wildlife you can see is amazing and just remember those beans and corn are feeding our country, among others!

    Have a good one,

    Matt D

  3. Oh I know. I was joking on the corn fields. I don't think I could drive up there b/c I would get lost. I am terrible that way. My husband did all the driving and I kept saying don't go too far we'll get lost. He just look at me funny. I think we saw 5 rds that all had the same name but it diff places. maybe one would have an SH another a w. etc. Like W 67, SH 67, OH 67, etc. I was confused.

    Sadly they have not had any more rain up there than we have had here and their crops look like they are suffering. But we saw some huge deer! They were feeding on the crops.

    Yeah, unfortunetly a lot of secluded, nice palces like killdeer get the johns and stuff. We even get a ton of them in downtown zanesville. and it's definately not a secluded place.

    Anyway, Thanks for the info on killdeer. There was one pond that we found there but never got to go back to it and fish it. We had to drive 10 miles out of our way to go get bait and it was late so we waited and went out on sat and found a killdeer pond closer to our cabin. When we go next year we plan to try the other pond.