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Killdeer Reservoir

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by River Walker, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Does anybody fish Killdeer Res.?
  2. Gobi Muncher

    Gobi Muncher mmmm.....tasty!

    I have a couple of times. Mostly fished for the smallies, lots of small ones with the occasional big one. You have to find the reefs, use a map, my buddy caught one in there last year that probably went close to 4. Used the camera in there and saw walleyes, bluegill, crappie and smallies all hanging around the tire and rock reefs. Also, fish the island, stay out and cast up and drag the tube back, especially on the South and West sides. Look for the game warden to be laying on his belly around the rim of the res. using his binoculars to find out what you are doing. I know it is his job, but if you are there any length of time you will see him half a dozen times.

  3. Killdeer is full of smallies!!!!! caught some nice walleye there also
  4. Yes, the upground res. has good walleye and smallie populations. Walleye are usually best out around the island. Smallies you can usually catch along the shore line. Don't stop there though. Try some of the ponds. Pond 3 used to be exellent for LM bass, pike, & crappie. I haven't made it there yet this season but I will. Just as soon as I get my 7.5 outboard back together and running.

  5. walleye warrior

    walleye warrior Clearfork Muskie Addict

    hey are you still allowed to fish those ponds? Pond number three has apair of nesting bald eagles with young ones, and there are signs posted that say no tresspassing endangered bird nesting area. Just curious because they look like great fishing ponds. Pond 6 is posted that way also. Thanks if you guys can help.