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Kids Tournement

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by THE CASTING KID, May 28, 2007.



    Saturday we went to the portage lakes ponds for a kids tounemnet. This tournemnet is the same date every year and is put on by the portage bassmasters. It is really cool. All entry, food, live bait, ect., is free. It really is a great and fun tournenment for kids. The ages are 5-15. The fishing is awsome; there are a-lot of fish Ohio fish caught every year. I caught huge blue gills that were like 8-10 inches long. This size was common. Also I caught 12 bass in less than 3 hours, in the 14in range with hundreds of lines in the water around me and over top me. I was in first for biggest bass until the last half hour. I lost by a half inch. Also they had brought in two local pro's to meet and talk to the kids.(Vic Vatalaro and Marcia ?) I am not sure of the last names. Also we saw a few OGF stickers but we didn't know who they were. Thanks to the Portage Lakes Bassmasters for another class act tournement.
  2. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Pay-it-foward fisherman

    Most likely Marcia was Reel Lady!
    Both her and Vic are a class act!
    Congrats on a good day of fishing!