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Kids in cages? How does this still happen?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by UFM82, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    Up in NE Ohio they found a family with adopted kids that sleep in cages. The story is just too weird.

    In this day and age, HOW do things like this still happen? I'm thinking some heads should roll here but I doubt they will. Everyone seems to take care of each other in the government agencies anymore.

    I can't even tell if it's a bad situation by the story. :confused: Is it necessarily bad? Seems like it to me but I don't know.

    I just shrug my shoulders sometimes.

  2. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I'm probably going to get jumped on for this and I'm not lumping all fostor and adoptive parents together but...

    I've seen too many adoptive and especially fostor households who collect these unfortunate children to receive the $300-$500 subsidy per child per month. The parents are unemployed, overweight whose house and yards are a total mess.
    There is a family like this next door to my in-laws who trashed a gorgeous brick ranch in 4 years. They currently have 5 fostor kids, the yard has been mowed 3 times this year. Their septic system is clogged and seeping and has been for 3 years. The big semi-sized debris dumster has been sitting in the driveway for about a month now filled with garbage and both are smokers and over 300lbs.
    I do not think these people are a glowing example of the way to live your life to these children.
    Now on the other hand we have 3 couples at work who have adopted 4 children in the past year from Russia, Brasil and El Salvador. These people are employed, professional and really, really want children-not for a subsidy but because they want children. They had to go out of country because of our impossible adoption system. Why couldn't they have gotten these children???? Why do these people have to go out of country?????

    Again, I know of two people on our site that has recently adopted and are probably excellent parents. I am not lumping everyone together. But I just shake my head sometimes when I'm told someone is adopting from another country because they cannot get a child from the US.

  3. The Reason Is Theres A Waiting List To Adopt Healthy Normal Kids.abortions Are A Big Reason Why!!!you Might Wait Yrs To Adopt Kids..
    People Are Goin Overseas To Adopt Kids Then Paying 20 Grand Or So To Do It
  4. I saw this yesterday but today they don't really have much about it online (where I get most of my news).
    I may take some flack here but I don't think we have all of the story. It is hard to say if it is a bad thing or not. The headlines lead us to believe these children were neglected or abused but when you read the story you find out otherwise. The children were happy, outgoing, healthy and seemed to show no signs of abuse or neglect. So, it seems to me they were taken away because some of them had 'cages' that they slept in. I have not seen one picture of these 'cages' that the children had been in.
    I am not saying I am in favor of the 'parents' in this situation because I don't feel like I have all the facts here. But maybe like the media does so many other times... could it have been blown out of proportion? Maybe it wasn't a terrible place and the kids were happy and loved and taken care of the best the parents could with what they had. It doesn't always take a lavish home or lots of money or so many toys to make a good home.

    Would it make a difference to anyone if these kids were not adopted but all of theirs naturally born?

    I think it should be looked into to make sure they were not abused but don't make criminals out of the 'parents' just yet.

    It will be interesting to see if anything more comes out of this. It was all over the news yesterday but today some other "crisis" must have come up since I saw nothing on it.
  5. Why should someones head roll at a government agency because of something private citizens were doing? Was it not a government agecny that stepped in because they deemed this abusive and to help the children? I'm not saying there isnt alot of back scratching in beuroacracy but I don't see what a sherrifs dept or childrens services doing their job ultimately has to do with this.

    A good point, albeit a general statement Lewzer. There are some very bad foster parent situations that exist which is what you end up hearing about in the end, not the good ones.

    And what in the world does this have to do with the right to have an abortion in this country?!?!??!?!?!?!?! Are you actually saying there is a shortage in the supply of naturalized american babies due to abortion causing bad foster care because adoptive parents are going overseas instead? It can take years in either situation, and while there may be a surplus of adoptable children in third world countries, there definately is no shortage here. Please explain.....
  6. I have to agree with Parrothead on this one.Without even knowing all the facts,it's a sure bet the media will blow this way out of proportion(they always do).None of the children appeared to have been abused,or neglected,as far as the "cages",if there even was any,I heard it reported by one of the foster parents that a couple of the kids had some issues,and this was their method of keeping them seperated from each other during the night.I have no idea who is telling the truth here,but given the choice of believing the parents,or the media's spin,I'll gamble on the foster parents.BTW,interesting how the media was reporting 10,000 deaths in the south,and 10,000 orders for body bags,enough said!
  7. I strongly concur with ARGEE,abortion does directly effect the rate of adoptions in this country,why wouldn't it? Do the math!
  8. I read that these parents were actually told to put the kids in cages because they were hurting each other at night. :confused:

    Hard for me to pass judgement having not been in the situation but I have to say, 95% of the time children in cages is not acceptable imho.

    I think abortion has as much place in this discussion as does evolution.
  9. I agree,I was just offering my opinion on the topic after somebody else brought it up,same as you just did!
  10. This gets changed by the hour it seems. Ive seen anywhere from 8-11 kids, cages to enclosures, that they many have mental problems and needed to be seperated, to a social worker being there once a week for 5 years.

    I'm starting to lean in the direction of an over zealous social worker and police department coupled with a VERY slow news day.

    Regardless of why the kids were in these enclosures, if they really did have these problems such as down syndrome, suicidal tendancies, etc., why were than many living in one foster family? I'm not a parent but isn't 8 healthy children usually too much to handle for 2 parents normally? So how would it be acceptable and safe practice in the welfare of the foster children, that a single foster family can have such a high number of children? Shouldn't there be some sort of cap on this, like after 4 or 5 you would think the state would say that is a little too much on your plate for you to handle and the quality of life would decrease overall as the number of children increase?
  11. Ashtonmj, you make a good point, but also look at it this way, these kids are special needs kids and also needed a home, a family, and love and so far it appears they had that don't forget the fact that they are reportedly all HELATHY, so regardless of how many they have this family took the time and effort and gave them love and home and gave the kids a way to feel normal as a family which otherwise they may not have gotten. Not many people are willing to take the time and effort for a child with special needs.
  12. Fastlane

    Fastlane Fishless as usual

    As of yet, I don't believe that charges have been field. If this is the case, it is likely not nearly as bad as the media has made it sound. From the available information, these children were all special needs kids. The question was brought up about why so many. These are hard to place and most foster parents don't want the hassle that comes with these kids. This family was willing to take them. I have not seen pictures of the parents or the children so I will not speculate on the motives of the parents but my gut feeling on this one is that it has gotten blown way out of proportion.
  14. uuuh carp, the site errored when I replied. I think the real point lies in your clarification stating caucasian. So I will totally agree with you there especially also seeing first hand accounts and data of this as well. There is a shortage of adoptable caucasian babies in the country due to caucasian women having the majority of the abortions. It also alludes to the fact though that caucasian families are less apt to adopt a non caucasian baby which there are not such as long waiting lists to adopt for. Thank you for the clarification, I wasn't trying to out anyone on their stance or beliefs or cause a thread to be locked lol.

    Parrot -

    I am exactly saying they need special needs which is why the state should probably look at the fact they allowed this many childred to be placed in one household and probably limit it in the future so the possibility of this or far worse situations is lowered. I'm not saying that these people werent providing them a healthy living environment I'm saying as a general idea its probably not in the childrens best interest for that many be housed under the responsibility of 2 people. It is a foster home, not a foster hotel, or even a special care center with trained staff.